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Are Russian Women Reserved?
Recently, I have faced a curious opinion about Russian women, which was suggested by an American man. According to his
statement, all
Russian women are reserved and cautious and
there is no need to blame them for this. Life in Russia is
difficult; men are all drunkards and women have to find their
ways to survive. Many Western men share this view of the
situation. Is it true? First of all, let's clarify one point. Despite
the popular belief, alcohol comsumption in Russia takes far
from the first place in the world. But at the same time, being
drank in the street is
normal for Russia and will not have any
serious consequences as it may happen, for instance, in the
USA. That's why there is no need to hide and drink alone at
home. Thus, you can see all the alcoholics in the streets.
There is no doubt that Russian standards of living are lower
than ones of the developed European countries and the USA,
but they are not as low as to raise the question of the very
woman looks at you with suspicion
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The opinion that all Russian women are very anxious and discreet is formed mostly by
the men who tried to communicate with them through different dating sites. The
Internet in Russia yet has not become a wide-spread method of communication and
contact. That's why this method of dating arouses some tension. Besides, not all
Russian women has fluent English and this circumstance only contributes to their
discomfort. Moreover, an effect of the notorious Iron curtain can still be experienced
in Russia. Russians can hardly know mentality, moral rules, ethic values and norms of
communication of the foreigners. Russians living abroad also suffer from this problem.
Many Russian women who communicate with men through the web really do seem
reserved and anxious. They write short
standard phrases in their letters and profiles
and think long before they reply. But the reason for that is not because of the innate
aloofness of their manners, but due to the lack of experience and practice in
international communication. They are afraid of being misunderstood or seen worse
than they really are. They are also afraid of hurting men's feeling by ignorance or
However, in fact, in everyday life Russian women as well as men are open,
communicative and emotional. They can easily tell a stranger about their innermost
feelings and problems; they frankly speak about their wishes, likes and dislikes. In fact,
there is no real demand in psychoanalysts in Russia. Their services are popular in the
countries where people are used to hiding and suppressing their actual feelings.