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3 Huge Signs That Your Girlfriend Or Wife Is
Unhappy In The Relationship
Tags: Marriage
You may think that your relationship is going perfect but if she thinks otherwise, and is unhappy in
the relationship
, then a surprise breakup may be on the horizon.
A breakup can be caused from a build-up of unhappy feelings that she hasn't been able to
communicate to you for whatever
reason. Guys have a way of not understanding the cues that their
girlfriend is unhappy, and girls have a way of not outright telling their guy they are unhappy until that
final breakup moment. Therefore if you want to avoid a breakup you are going to have to keep your
eyes open for some signs of her being unhappy in the relationship.
A girl is sitting in front of a brick wall
3 Signs She is Unhappy in The Relationship
1. She Doesn't Talk To You about Things That Make
Her Happy
If the only conversations you are having with her are
negative ones then this may be a huge sign that she is
unhappy in the relationship. Nagging, judging,
complaining, and whining are all a part of being
A happy woman will be excited to share fun stories
with you, no matter how small they are, and she will
feel connected to you through her conversations is a
positive way. If you have a woman who is generally not
happy during conversation with you, then you have a
woman who is not happy and you need to fix the
2. She Would Rather Spend Time with Her Friends Than You
If all of her free time is devoted to everyone but you then you know that your woman is not happy
with you and the relationship. Women want quality time with a man they love. It's unusual for a
woman not to want to spend some time with their man.
I had a friend who would constantly use her husband as a babysitter. He never got to come out with
us and when he did she was wishing that he wasn't there. They are divorced now. If you feel like my
friends ex husband's story relates to you, then you need to fix your relationship - quick.
3. Sex Has Dwindled To Nothing
Sex is a huge part of a loving and happy relationship. If you find that your woman would rather poke
her eyes out then have sex you should be trying to fix the issue.
There are many reasons that a woman would not want to have sex, but one huge reason is not being
happy with the relationship. No woman wants to have sex with a guy they are pissed off at or
annoyed with or don't feel close with. A loving connection of some sort has to be there in order for
her to want sex. Fire up that connection before it's too late.
Can You Fix Your Relationship?
If you see these signs that indicate
she is unhappy can you fix the
relationship? Well, it depends. She
may be so detached from you and the
loving feelings she once had that she
may already have one mental foot out
the door. To get her back into the
relationship you are going to have to
work at it! Working at the relationship
means commitment, communication,
patience. If you don't have those
three things then you may not have a
hope in re-establishing a connection
between you two.
The girl enthusiastically tells the guy her story
Also, you can't spend some time working on the relationship and stop once you think she is
satisfied again. This is a life-long commitment. If you don't constantly strive to improve your
relationship then the only other way for it to go is down. You will start settling into old ways or doing
things that make her unhappy again and that will solidify her need to get out of the relationship even
more than before you began trying to repair it.
So put in the effort and you will get out the rewards, but slack off in the relationship and you will be
dealing with an unhappy woman and a possible breakup in the near future. Your choice.
Bellaisa Filippis 
Article Directory:
Women have a
secret language that you may not understand, which means that when she's
unhappy you may not even know it unless you know her secret language. Learn that language and
stop problems in their tracks. Bellaisa is the owner of pleasure her tonight a website with
relationship advice for men.
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Tags: Marriage
Over the years of the evolution it happened so that men and women formed their own
trust and defensive sides...Agents of Israeli Mossad secret service have a technique:
always to follow from which side the man of interest prefers to sit or stand - from left or
right. To those who keep all the time the right side of a person, you need to buck your
ideas up.
Over and over you are seeking ways to be more romantic these days, and ferreting out
a matchless love poem for her is what you've decided to do. When your sweetie is
important to you there isn't a sweeter way to demonstrate your love than one perfect
Husband and wife who can't live without each other is not a "myth" or a cliche. It is
possible to achieve, you can achieve this with your future wife, but it's a challenge and
a tough one. Truth to be said, many people decide not to take that challenge when
they get married. Those usually get divorced.
Intimacy is the main impetus for the success of every love relationships in this world
perhaps it is a known fact that it is not possible for any relationship to survive without
intimacy. By intimacy, I mean to say both physical and emotional intimacy. A
physical intimacy is not possible without a mental intimacy and also an emotional
intimacy can never be developed without having physical intimacy between partners.
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