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5 Tips For Younger Guys When Dating
Older Women
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If you're looking forward to dating an older woman, then this article is
for you. Older women who date younger guys are known as
"cougars" and the younger men are known as "cubs". Alot of men
date older women for a variety of reasons, but this article won't
discuss why these two groups of people date. Instead, this article
will focus on
how to attract and date an older woman for yourself.
If you've never dated an older woman before, you should know that
the experience is one of a kind. Older women usually know what
they want in a relationship, and sometimes younger guys
just like to have fun. With these two combinations, something special can blossom. Here's the first
tip for attracting and dating an older woman.
Young guy kisses an older woman
1) Be a good conversationalist
Older women love a man who can hold an
. Believe it or not, most older women don't think
that younger men can hold long conversations, but this
couldn't be further from the truth. The truth of the matter is
that some younger men are very brilliant and intellectual - you
just have to show her that you are.
When talking about certain subjects, go in depth with your
conversation to show her that you know what you're talking
about. This will impress her and you will earn points in her
mind. Being a good conversationalist has it's perks in the
dating world, so if you can show her that you can hold a good
conversation, you're on the right path. Let's take a look at
another tip.
2) Don't break promises
Even if it's in the beginning of your relationship, you always want to keep your promises. Never make
promises that you can't keep as this is a sure way to annoy an older woman and show her how
immature you are. So if you say you are going to call at a certain time, give her a call at that exact
time. Never make a promise that you can't keep. If you can't do something - then simply let her
3) Learn how to communicate via text messages
You should learn how to send romantic text messages as alot of your conversations will occur via
text. If your text is romantic enough and can paint mental images in her head, then you be sure that
it will melt her heart. This will also help to enhance your relationship.
4) Be funny
Humor goes a long way when dating older women, so you should learn how to be funny. Sometimes
you can mix humor with sarcasm and this will really show her how intelligent you are. Remember,
women just want to have fun. So make her laugh on a daily basis if you can.
5) Be real
Don't try to be something that you aren't. Older women are wise and have dated alot of men before
you. So they know when you're being real and when you're being fake. Be yourself and practice in
front of a mirror if you have to in order to express your authenticity.
All 5 of these tips will allow you to be the confident and great young guy that alot of older women
desire. Keep these tips in mind when approaching and talking to older women.
Adrian Hargray 
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Mature dating is a great option to socialize and meet new people to initiate an
association on a casual manner. Earlier a person was considered to be old after
taking retirement from his job. But with the advancement in medicinal and health care
products, a person remains fit and active even after taking retirement. Further, a
relationship is always associated with the feelings and emotions of a person rather
than his age.
Just because you've reached retirement age doesn't mean you've got to retire from an
active social life. Mature dating is one of the hottest trends these days, especially
when you consider how much more vital and healthy today's senior citizens have
become. Years ago, people in their sixties may have been relegated to the old folks
Regardless of whether you happen to be hunting for romance using online dating sites
or simply by conventional means, to date successfully, you have to improve your level
of confidence. Some things are really easy to change, whilst many other
idiosyncrasies will require a little bit of practice.
Who should be older - male or female?
...the fans of juveniles are found not only among the wealthy, this phenomenon does
not depends on the social ladder, or marital status. Clearly, according to the
behaviorist (they draw analogies in the behavior of animals and people) the men want
youth and beauty. They say that the male is claimed by someone, while he is able,
the female - while she is attractive. But today, many women of 30 and 40 look better
than some in 20.
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