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5 Very Annoying First Date Conversation
#1 First Date Turnoff - Saying Anything About Your Ex!
Never say anything about your ex on
your first date, and it does not matter what you would like to
say, don't do it! If you have negative things to say about your ex your date will think of you as a
vindictive person and possibly the type of person that doesn't have anything positive to say about
relationships in general. On the other hand, if you are still talking positive about your ex your date
will get the impression that you are still interested in a relationship with your ex, again not something
you don't want your partner thinking on your first date.
A guy annoys the girl
#2 First Date Turnoff - Stay Away From
Conversation Topics that are Focused Your
Affluence Only!
Often times the hobbies that we are involved
with can send a message about our income
and successes, the best and most effective
way to avoid annoying your date with this is to
focus on your past experiences and not a
conversation built around the expensive
hobbies and toys you might have purchased or
#3 First Date Turnoff - Constantly Talking About Your Past Glory Days!
This is a huge turnoff to people on first dates, going back to your past glory days with someone on
your first date, doing this can send mixed signals to your date that you live in the past and are not
focused on moving forward into the future, typically on your first date you don't want to focus on your
past to much. Your date will be more interested in what you are currently doing with your life and
your goals and aspirations for the future. Conversations that are about your past successes gives
your date a feeling that your current life may be boring now and no single woman or man is looking to
date and start a relationship with a boring person.
#4 First Date Turnoff - Talking About Your Health Issues!
Keeping your first date conversations light in nature is important. Divulging your health issues on your
first date in not light, really any medical condition you have should not be disclosed on the first date.
Unfortunately, people are sometimes overly concerned with health issues and this could scare your
potential match away, people tend to be drawn to potential matches that are healthy for the most
part, most singles don't want to spend their time doctoring and visiting hospitals right out of the gate
with their partner. Give it several dates or more before going into any specifics about your health as
you will know by then if there is any connection between you anyways.
#5 First Date Turnoff - Never Talk About The Other People You Are Dating or Have Dated!
Never tell your date you have been on 4 dates in the last 5 days, the last thing your date will want to
hear coming out of your mouth is details about your last 4 dates in the last 5 days. It is fine to talk
about your online dating experiences in general but specifics are not needed in your first date, there
is nothing wrong with doing this. However, on the other hand it might not be wise to say that you
have not had a date in a year or more as this will give the impression that something may be wrong
with you. The less you say about past dating experiences the better off you will be. Good Luck and
Happy Online Personals Dating! .
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