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5 Ways To Stay Positive After A Break Up.
Betrayed? Blameworthy? Sorry? Broken hearted? Definitely, there is so much emotion at stake after
a break up. It is a basic part of life. No affairs are identical. Some can last while others are meant to
crash. People also deal differently with disappointments. To effectively manage the harsh impact of
break up, there are healthful ways that one can choose to do and here are some of them:
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Cry And Release Negativity.
There is no perfect relationship. People often find it
hard to accept a failed relationship. Cry if you have
to. Crying is not bad, healthy even. It can take away
negative feelings and can greatly improve one's
mood. Of course you got hurt, you cry. If you're a
machine, you will not cry. But you are not a robot.
You're human. Imagine a child running a race. As he
was turning down the road, he accidentally slipped
and hurt his knees. A few minutes he cried because of his hurt knees and because most of his
competitors are way passed him. But after realizing what happened, he carefully wiped his tears,
stood and completed the race. Races are like relationships. One can slip down the road, get hurt
and move on.
Skip The Drama And Don't Point Out Faults.
There's no perfect relationship and no perfect people. Period. In one way or another, each of the
people involved in a relationship are bound to commit mistakes. So never condemn and make other
people feel bad. If the relationship is not working and the issues are insolvable, check the best
options. You wouldn't want to stay if you are just obligated to, right?
Accept The Situation.
If you wish to move on, learn to accept the truth of the situation. The reality is, the two of you parted
ways. Let it sinks in. Understand that this phase of your life is over. As not to make matters difficult,
avoid fantasizing that your ex will crawl back to your arms and the whole thing will be ok again. Just
remember that a phase of your life has closed but not your life per say. You still have a chance to
move on. Lingering to an old love can only make things difficult for you and your ex.
Learn From Your Experience.
They say that experience is the best educator. Let everything that has happened to you be a life
lesson. In the process, learn to forgive yourself and your ex. You wouldn't want to commit the same
mistakes twice. Nevertheless, don't judge people just because you've been hurt. If you've been
betrayed, don't imagine that all people will betray you. Once you forgive, cutoff all the depressing
vibrations. That way, you can move on and open a new chapter in life.
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Surround Yourself With Positive People And
Hold firm to your faith and always have hope. To stay
positive you can read motivational books and
inspirational quotes online or from acquaintances.
Listen to good song. Try to avoid endeavors that will
remind you of the sorrow and pain. Keeping a healthful
state of mind will help you stay sane especially in
these trying times. Also, do not surround yourself with
bad influence individuals who will entice you to try
drugs, alcohol and other vices. They are not the people
you should go with if you want to move on with life
Being in love is taking risks. Problems are inevitable. It helps make the relationship stronger.
However, if conditions arise when problems are already impossible to solve, accept that fact. Before
you can progress you have to close this chapter of your life first. It can be hard but not impossible.
Good luck!
Daryl B. Chapman 
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You meet, you date, and you have fun. You go out together and you look forward to
seeing each other when you are apart. You start to spend more time with one another
and less time doing things you used to do separately.
Choosing to move past negative emotions and find a positive mindset to work from,
often causes people to relinquish their power over you. When they know that they can
no longer make you angry, tired or anxious, they will likely move on by themselves. 
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