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5 reasons why you'll never succeed
How exactly do I know that you'll never succeed? Well, based on statistics, 95% of Americans are
broke at age 65 after working and saving for more than 40 years. And since America is the
wealthiest country, surely it's much worse elsewhere.
That statistic is staggering and really depressing. No one likes to hear that they'll never succeed,
but honestly the chances are slim that you'll be in the top 5%.
That doesn't mean you should stop trying, though. It means that you have to study successful
people, understand why they are the way they are, and study and model how they got there.
The guy is half submerged in water
5 reasons why you'll never succeed
You complain too much. Rich people are
grateful for what they have and they celebrate
their life and every successes - no matter how
small. Poor people complain all day long. Are
you a thanks-giver or a whiner?
You're too jealous. Wealthy people admire
and learn from other wealthy people. Broke
people hate, envy, and resent wealthy people. If
you hate wealthy people, you'll never be one.
    You play it safe. Rich people take risks and take action in spite of fear. Poor people prefer to let
their fears keep them poor. Do you have the courage to do whatever it takes?
You're afraid to fail. The most successful people are the ones who've made the MOST
mistakes. The people who never succeed are so afraid to fail that they end up doing nothing. Are
you willing to make mistakes or are you too afraid to fail?
You want to do it all yourself. Wealthy people have a team of people working with them. Broke
people think that they can do it better themselves. 
I know I've made some harsh assumptions about you. But take a really good look at your life and be
honest with yourself. If you think the same thoughts, feel the same feelings, and do the same things
you've been doing, nothing will change for you.
Try something new. Think, feel, and act like a rich person.
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Our imagination and choice of focus inevitably shapes the future that we experience.
Whatever we focus upon tends to become the reality that we experience. Although there are
many things that are out of our own control...
Once upon a time a poverty was. And it was so poor, that it had no money even for a capital
"P". So it was called - the poverty in small letters.And it was so unsure of itself that it could
not live alone. It always lived with someone who kept thinking about it.
Positive phrases are easy to master when you know a couple of tricks. The first thing to keep
in mind when choosing positive words and phrases is thinking about the end result you
desire. This article gives you tips on how to do positive phrases correctly and why keeping
positive thoughts works so well in making you happy.
"You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make an honest
effort to confer that pleasure on others? Half the battle is gained if you never allow yourself to
say anything gloomy." --Julia Child, 1912-2004, Chef, Author and Television Personality
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