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Break Undesirable Thoughts And Action
And Reinvent Yourself.
Over the years you have indiscriminately established bad thoughts and actions.
First it starts with a thought, you are shown a new method or a better way to do something and you
crunch it in your mind. Because you have developed an I can't do attitude, the thought lingers to the
negative and fear of change or even fear of success takes hold and you stand still.
The guy on the ladder is afraid to climb up
As children we don't have the fear of failure, but that comes
gradually when your parents or those in charge of you, and
they have your safety in mind would say things like don't
touch that stove it's hot and leaves it at that. They haven't
explained to you that if you touch that hot stove it will burn
you and probably do untold damage. That is an action you
won't do again, but now in your mind the stove is an enemy,
it is one more item you have to fear.
You grow up with a mountain of fearful thoughts and actions.
So many obstacles to stop you from progressing. Also when
you were young and was naughty, your parents or guardians
would say if you are good I will give you sweets. All your
adult life you 
will practise this notion that if you do good you must be rewarded. This should not be the case you
have to be good to progress in life and be accepted that is your reward.
How can we overcome these fears and actions? As an example say you are afraid to climb a tree,
you look at the top of the tree and say I can't climb that, I am afraid of heights or I will never reach
the top. All your thoughts and actions are negative; fear of failure has taken over. But you see
someone climb this tree safely and happily with no mishaps. This is how we break barriers by
imitating other successful people, the mindset moves from failure to if he or she can do it so can I.
Imitate successful people.
Parkour. Jump over the precipice
Everyday look around you and see what
others are doing, you will notice that people
are doing things with ease, something that
you believe you can't do. You either copy
them or ask them how do you do such and
such. The human psyche is to help, people
feel good when they help friends or even
enemies, and it is a feel good scenario.
Bad thoughts or wrong thoughts will hold
you back in earning a good salary or stop
you from starting something 
new. A better job or a complete change of direction. You have been weighted down by undesirable
habits of thought and action. You must reinvent yourself and create any reality you want to
experience. This won't happen overnight, gradually face your demons and work at clearing that
If you are stuck in a dead end job, getting more and more frustrated, knowing that you could do
better, or even a completely new career or occupation. The big question mark is, even though you
are frustrated you are in your comfort zone. How do you get out of your comfort zone and move on,
by getting rid of the old thoughts and actions that's strangling you. Take a deep breath and say I am
going to do it. That is the biggest hurdle to overcome, I can and I will and see your attitude and will
power change.
Focus on success and success will become a reality.
Anno Colombo 
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"You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make an
honest effort to confer that pleasure on others? Half the battle is gained if you never
allow yourself to say anything gloomy." --Julia Child, 1912-2004, Chef, Author and
Television Personality
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