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Cell Phone Dating Services - 5 Intriguing
Phone Chat Topics
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When exploring cell phone dating services, it is important to remember
that different people will have different intentions and
about where a relationship might go. Some people will
use cell phone dating as a way to
search for the perfect partner with
whom to have a
lasting relationship. Other people are looking for
someone to hook up with, and have no further concerns about where
any relationship that comes from it might go. Using the topics and tips
in this article will allow you to find out what your potential date has in
mind, without being too obvious about it.
When talking to someone from a cell phone dating service for the first time it is also very important
to keep them engaged in conversation. It is difficult to maintain the proper balance between being
boring and seeming nosy or overbearing. In other words, you don't want to leave a lot of air in the
conversation, but you also don't want to appear desperate. The following topics can both give you
something to keep the conversation going, as well as a few tricky ways to learn as much as
possible about your potential date.
Asking a person about music is a good way to learn about them and 'feel them out'. "What kind of
music do you like?" may be a little cliche, but as long as you don't let a short answer suffice, you
can learn a lot. Be ready to talk about whatever music they like, whether you like it or not.
Depending on what you are looking for in a cell phone date, the music they listen to may not be
important to you, but make sure you are not negative about the music a potential date likes. Ask if
they like going to concerts. Music is a good ice breaker, so relate to whatever they say and use it
as an opportunity to talk about yourself a little bit.
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Personal Item
Another way to break the ice is to ask
a person to name one personal item
that they can see right now. This put
some degree of pressure on the person
to be interesting too. By asking for an
item they can see, you force the
person to pick something fast. Use the
opportunity to learn about your date.
Be prepared to ask follow up questions
such as "What does the item mean to
you?" Treat this as a game and keep in
mind you will probably have to answer
the same questions.
You probably won't start many relationships by asking a woman how well she knows her way around
a kitchen, but if you ask a potential date thoughtfully where they like to eat and if they enjoy cooking
you can learn a lot about them. Someone who cooks for themselves a lot obviously has a kitchen.
Someone who usually eats TV dinners probably lives alone. If a person lists several finer
restaurants, they either have money to spend or are accustomed to having money spent on them.
Learn what you can and be sure to tell your potential date what you like too.
Asking someone about pets is a good lead in to find out a lot of information about them. Asking
detailed questions about a person's home and living arrangement may not be appropriate at first,
however you can learn a lot by asking if they have pets. If someone tells you they have a dog or cat,
you can ask if it is indoor or outdoor. An outdoor pet means a yard. Be prepared to ask questions
like "does your dog tear things up when you are gone?" you can learn from the answers if the person
has roommates, lives alone, or lives with their parents. What type of pet someone has can
sometimes tell you a lot about that person's personality. People love their pets, and are often
passionate about them. This makes pets a great topic to get someone to loosen up and really show
you their personality.
Asking a person if they like to travel is another great lead in. This opens both of you up to talk for
hours about things you've done, places you've been, and places you'd like to go. You can also use
context clues to figure out what kind of money the person makes, and whether previous trips have
been with family, friends, or significant others.
These topics should help you to keep your first conversation going. You should also be able to lean
a lot about the person you are talking to. Cell phone dating services can be a great way to meet
someone, and hopefully these tips will help you to find what you are looking for.
By: Clint Knight 
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Are you new to online dating? Are you looking for online dating advice that won't fail? If
so, then this article is for you. Inside of this article you will learn little-known ways to
have success with online dating that you never thought was possible.
The voice. Other than body language, is there anything that can convey sincerity, love,
or attraction more than the human voice? Nothing says "I adore you," like a voice; the
voice carries the most important messages such as "I love you".
When people think of a sexy voice on phone chat or dating lines, they may envision a
young, curvy lady speaking slowly with bass-like vocals similar to Natasha from the
Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Men may try to go for a deep baritone like late soul
crooner Barry White.
You may not be in a relationship with a certain someone yet, but that doesn't matter.
There are definite signs that you are on their mind and they are thinking about you more
than just when they see you. The most important thing to remember is that someone
has to be thinking about you before they take action towards you.
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