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End Stress Forever With These 7 Friendly Habits!
Some people say that if you're totally stress-free you're probably dead. Of course that's not true, but
most people carry around more than their share of stress, and this eventually leads them to die
sooner than they normally would. That's why I've identified these 7 habits for you to better manage
your stress now instead of dying from it later. It's time to give your stress the easy treatment!
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Habit # 1 - "Law of 21"
If you follow through with a new mindset for 21
days in a row it will begin to become a habit.
That's right-if you exercise, read, get up early,
take vitamins, drink water, etc. for 21 consecutive
days, your body and mind will become so
accustomed to that behavior it will begin to
accept it as a natural habit. That's when relaxing
can become as easy as breathing.
Habit # 2 - "Re-learn to breathe"
Somewhere along the road of higher education, some students forget how to breathe properly. Most
people don't even realize that they generally take quick, shallow breaths until they are so low on air
they gasp in an overflow of oxygen. Because you are depriving it of oxygen, this type of breathing
forces your brain to work on minimal fuel until the inevitable gush of gasped air comes rushing
You must practice these four steps of quiet and focused deep breathing to get your body and mind
out of the stress jungle and back into balance:
1) Find a calm place, close your eyes, push all the air into your lungs and out through your mouth.
Then focus on fully inhaling through your nose, expanding your belly first and then completely filling
your lungs, shoulders pushed back and chest puffed out.
2) As you come to the end of your inhale, pause for about three seconds and feel the fullness of the
oxygen in your body. Remember to keep your eyes closed.
3) Don't "huff-out" the exhale! In a relaxed jaw "hoooooo" position in a controlled manor, gently
exhale the air in your lungs through your mouth and keep exhaling until you feel your stomach pull
all the way in.Then slowly open your eyes.
4) Repeat this process three to four times. Stop if you begin to feel light headed. This deep-breathing
technique will help you to regain your mind/body balance in most any stressful time or situation.
Habit # 3 - "Life isn't stop being surprised when it's not"
It doesn't matter how privileged or lucky someone else may seem. Everyone pays their "worldly"
dues in their own way. It may be hard at times to see past the glaring physical, intellectual or
economic advantages that some individuals possess. However, to keep your stress level down
remember that every seemingly fortunate person you encounter will eventually have to pay their own
"life dues." Nobody gets away clean! But until that time comes, life isn't fair. Know that your time is
coming soon, and, meanwhile, do the best with what you've got.
Habit # 4 - "Get off the radar"
Every so often, intentionally get off your "Life Radar" by leaving your cell phone, computer, watch,
and iWhatever at home while you go to a park, see a movie by yourself, visit a bookstore, walk
through a museum or catch a sporting event by yourself. Don't tell anyone where you're going or how
long you'll be gone. Just go and be by yourself with no distractions, to-do lists or no time-limits.
Even if you don't realize that you have lost your connection, leaving the radar for a bit will rejuvenate
you and allow you to re-connect with the big picture.
Habit # 5 - "Choose your battles wisely"
Don't fight the world. You'll never win. You'll never please or beat everyone. Pick your battles and
decide which ones are worth your valuable time and energy. Realize that your time and energy are
your most precious assets. Do you really want to give them away to every jerk you encounter or any
annoyancethat pops up? Letting a "battle" go without a fight is weakness, but rather strength. How
truly strong and smart is the person who spends his time yelling and pushing against every force of
life, just to eventually turn around and notice how incredibly far behind he's fallen? It's sad to realize
after spending so much energy fighting something that it's possible to fall behind someone who
simply walked past the battle at the get-go. Don't let that happen to you. Just let it go.
Habit # 6 - "Stop calling 911 on your life"
Your life isn't an emergency. No matter how many responsibilities you have or how many tasks you
have to get done, life would go on without you for everyone else if you were to die in your sleep
tonight. You and your trials and tribulations are not 100% critical to anyone but you. So ease up on
yourself. Remember the age-old advice that in 100 years there will be an entirely new set of people
on this planet. So why fret so much about what you're doing now? In a mere 100 years even the
greatest achievements of today will be stepping stones to a whole new crop of people.
Habit # 7 - "Choose kindness over self-righteousness"
You can spend your entire life insisting your opinion is the right one, but no one will like you. The
more you push your need to be right corresponds to the level of compassion other people won't have
for you. Your opinion on a given issue is just one of many unique opinions. Your opinion is not right
or's simply yours, just like everyone else's opinion. You will be unhappy, stressed-out, and
lonely if you can't accept other people's opinions along with your own.!
There you have it! The 7 Habits For Living Easy. You're now on your way to a stress free tomorrow!
Joe DePalma 
Article Directory:
Positive Thinking For Fighting Stress - Author Joe DePalma is a positive thought writer, musician,
and speaker who is collecting the very best positive thinking tools at!
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Anger management is confusing to some people. Expressing your anger once in a
while is perfectly normal. It is actually recognized as a healthy response developed by
the body to cope with stressing situations. However, when your anger slowly
becomes a habit, it then becomes destructive.
One of the sad truths in our society is how empty many people feel, and the
devastation their emptiness causes others through their resulting addictive behavior.
The question is: why? Why would someone who seemingly has everything destroy
their own life, and the lives of those they are close to, with their addictions to sex,
alcohol or drugs?.
Anger is a perfectly normal emotion that everyone feels at one time or the other. If
dealt carefully it can be a catalyst for change and if handled poorly, it can cause
health and relationship problems. Examining your anger and using other anger
management techniques can positively impact your health, relationships and overall
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