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How Much Career Oriented Are Single
Russian Women?
To begin with, Russian women are not only known for their extreme physical beauty but also for
inner beauty and smartness as well. Single Russian women are smart and confident in talking and
walking as well. They are soft spoken, talented and independent by nature. Single Russian women
are sometimes mysterious but all women love to be pampered. The main plus point in their being is
they love and respect their society and family. This is the reason why most of Russian women are
family-oriented, but some are career-oriented as well. All of them give priority to their family.
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Not all single Russian women are career-oriented, but those
who are take their career seriously and at the same time do
not ignore their family too. Women in Russia who are inclined
to make and settle in their career associate their personal
success with professional achievement and family both. This
career orientation is stronger in single Russian women as
compared to married ones. Once married, their family
becomes the priority and they forget about their dreams. On
the other hand, if a single woman gets married after settling in
career she tries successfully to manage her professional and
family life.
It is an open secret that it is not easy for women in Russia to
aim for career in a male dominant society. 90 percent of jobs
in Russia are only advertised for male Russians. In early days
career and profession were only considered as a concern for
men in Russia but with stronger inclination towards western
culture. And also because of economical crisis single
Russian women or rather women in Russia went into
It is therefore an economic situation which motivates single Russian women to work most of all,
though there is very less career opportunity for them to choose from. Moreover, if women get a job in
Russia, employer tends to pay them less which does not ensure good living standards.
It should be mentioned that it will not be correct to
say that Russian women do not like to work, but
precisely they have to prove themselves a lot to get a
high position and salary. Still, after getting that
desirable position also they are required to prove
themselves daily to the predominant male society
that they are capable enough to be considered equal
to men. This discourages most of single Russian
women to be career-oriented and steers them
towards easy and joyful family life. But those who
survive this pressure and competition do really well in
their life. 
A woman in the kitchen cooking and working with a notebook
All single Russian women who are career oriented are inclined to combine their professional and
wife's role in a balanced way. Now, they are not only doing business, but they are also attempting
the core professional careers like Medicine, Law, Interpreters, Nursing, Editing, Desk top publishing
etc. Earlier Russian women used to be known only for beauty but now they are women who have
beauty with brains. No doubt their appearance and beauty also contributes in making them
successful in whatever they do.
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Russian reality makes single
Russian women stronger and puts them at the top of competition for
the right to be called the best wives in the world.
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Single Russian women are always found to be unique when compared to western
ones. They are always admired for their beauty, dressing sense, make-up, their hair
or those beautiful eyes. In fact these single Russian women are also considered to be
perfect life partners for any man about the world.
Half of the men, sooner or later come to the services of professional marriage
agencies, had previously "been in the hands" of one-aloner gurus. They did not
receive the answers there. This is quite logical. After all, the proper answer to the
question "What is a Russian woman" could not give a single person. The adequate
personal conclusion can only come about as a result of living communion with many
It is important to say that Russian women are extremely beautiful and attractive by
look and exceptionally strong in character. They are believed to have thin skin, which
means that women in Russia are very emotional. This does not mean they can be
easily fooled. They are just cautious with themselves.
Russia as we all know is a very huge country in the terms of land area but if we
compare living standards of people there with other countries in the world, they turn
out to be poor. This bounds Russian families to lead a strictly controlled lifestyle.
Especially single Russian women - they face the worst kind of strictness and life
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