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How To Find Safe Russian Services For
Dating And Marriage
If you are looking for romance or marriage on the internet, you are likely to run across many scams.
For some reason, Russian dating sites have more than their fair share of scammers. It's too bad,
because there are many excellent safe Russian services, too. Look for the signs of a scam and you
will be able to find what you're looking for.
One good indication of a site's legitimacy is the size
of its membership. If the site has a lot of active
members, it is likely to be a safe one. The false sites
usually have only a handful of attractive young women
to choose from. The owner of the site simply pretends
to be the girl. If a phone call is arranged, they hire a
girl to do the talking for them.
Use your common sense. If you are an older man and
a breathtaking young woman says she is madly in
love with you, you are probably her target, nothing
more. This is particularly true if she shows you posed
photographs of herself wearing a swimsuit or other
provocative clothing. Don't lose your grip on reality!
If either the site owners or your online sweetheart
starts asking too many questions about your bank
account or other sensitive information,
be careful. No legitimate service needs to know all of that. You don't have to provide proof about your
age, your occupation or anything else. Neither do they, so don't take anything they tell you at face
value. Even legitimate sites have scammers lurking around.
If you're unsure about a site or even if you feel like it is safe, you can do an internet search and find
out if anybody has reported anything bad about it. Anybody who has been ripped off will surely put
the word out on the internet. If there are even a few warnings online, you should probably find another
Russian dating service to subscribe to.
No matter how many precautions you try to take, there is always the possibility that someone is
trying to scam you. Some of the things that you can rely on to be signs of a scam or ripoff are the
If they start asking you to send them money for any reason, don't do it. Even if they give you a
heartrending story of poverty or misfortune, it is almost certainly a lie. It is a myth that all Russian
women are living in extreme poverty.
They will profess to be in love with you. If they say you are the man of their dreams, you are
probably only the man of their greed. This is doubly true if they tell you this after only one or two text
chats online, but it can also come up later.
Whatever you do, don't send them money for a visa or a plane ticket. If you want to meet them in
person, meet them in Russia. If you send them money for an airplane ticket, you probably will never
hear from them again.
Mark De Schutter 
Article Directory:
Mark De Schutter is the webmaster of a
Russian dating service called "Russian Dating Live". This is
a web dating service for men who would wish to meet
Russian Women who are interested about
marriage to Western men.
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Russian dating services are in great demand, thanks to the popularity of Russian
women around the world. Given the huge demand, a large number of Russian dating
sites have sprung up and it can be difficult choosing one from amongst them. Here
are some tips to help you find the best Russian dating sites.
Online dating sites present a virtual medium. Without having to interact face to face, it
is far easier for them to express what may be going inside their mind. These online
dating sites offer a wide variety of matches spread across the stratum...But you must
think a little before choosing the perfect online dating site. Let's check out a few tips
for getting the best out of a dating site.
Let's face it - the dating game can be a minefield as it is. With so many singles
searching for matchmaker services on the web in the hope of finding that special
someone, how does one know whether the service is really as good as they claim to
be, or if you are being swindled out of your money
Over 40 million singles are now using, or have used, an Online Dating service
according to a recent survey. That's a mighty huge business we're talking about here,
and that has started a whole new era of dating with its own rules
.
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