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How To Know If You Are In A Serious Relationship
Tags: Marriage
You meet, you date, and you have fun. You go out together and you look forward to seeing each
other when you
are apart. You start to spend more time with one another and less time doing things
you used to do separately. Is this the point when your relationship begins to get serious?
When do
relationships cross that threshold from not serious to serious? When do they become
committed relationships instead of just dating? And is there really just one definition of becoming
Happy couple
A lot of people think that the labels of
girlfriend and boyfriend are considered
being in a serious relationship while
others think that the words "I love you"
need to be
said before the relationship is
set in stone. Depending on how you view
it you may have a very different opinion
on this subject than your next door
neighbour. But there are some signs that
occur in every relationship that indicated
it is becoming more serious and that it is
moving towards the next step.
Some signs of crossing the threshold into a serious relationship are:
Plans Have Moved Passed the Day by Day Plans
In the beginning of the relationship you don't make solid plans with each other. You phone one
another up and see if a night at the movies is in order, or possibly a night at the bar.
But later in the relationship you start making plans in advance with each other like how you want to
spend your vacation together or where you should go for the holidays. If you find that plans are no
longer on a day by day basis then you have started moving into a more serious relationship.
Friends and Family Are Introduced
No one wants to introduce someone they are casually dating to their mother or other family
members. Why risk the embarrassing stories that will be told from them? Plus there's no need for
making them uncomfortable by forcing them try to impress your loved ones over supper.
But once the relationship starts to get serious introductions start to be made to the family and
friends. It's a way to show your family how great the person you are dating is and also to give your
boyfriend or girlfriend an intimate glance into your life. This is a sure sign of becoming more serious.
Talk about the Future Together Has Started
In the beginning of the relationship you don't talk about your future house, kids, pets, cars, or
vacations together. You focus on your separate plans and enjoy one another's company.
But once you start to become serious in the relationship then you start to make plans together for
the future, like where you would like to travel together or where you would both like to live and what
kind of house it should be. Bottom line: If you are talking about your future together then you are
planning to have a future, and that's pretty serious.
No matter what your definition of serious in a relationship is these 3 signs of commitment are
obvious signs that your relationship has passed the initial non-commitment stage.
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Tags: Marriage
Is there an age limit that you should set out for 'settling down' and having a family, or
should you just live your life as you go along and figure out when the time is right by
letting it come. I personally believe in the latter.
You have a problem with pretty girls, while your friend everything goes perfectly. Cute
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The question of when to seek marriage counseling before the big day may be dicey. It's
sort of like a prenuptial, which some people may find offensive or as admonishing the fact
that "Hey things may not work out as planned!" As the practice of counseling for couples
becomes more widespread, this becomes less an issue, though. To help guide you, the
California Association for Marriage Family Therapists came up with several criterion.
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