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How To Win The Heart Of A Russian Bride
On Your First Date
Russian girls may be hard to please on the first date if you don't know what they expect. However,
with the following advice, you may be able to capture a Russian
girl's heart quickly and easily if you
know the right moves.
A man presents a girl small gift
Although this may not be normal for most
Westerners, it is appropriate and expected of
the man to bring his lady friend a small gift on
the first date. It is appropriate to bring
something meaningful and not too expensive.
Giving her
flowers and chocolates may put
you on the right track.
Many girls, no matter what country they are
in, dress especially well. They are careful
about looking good for men and in public, so
they may expect you to do the same.
Don't go to your first date wearing something too casual like jeans and a t-shirt. Spruce up your
looks a bit by wearing slacks, a dressy but causal sports jacket, and a collared shirt.
compliment your date, whether it is your first date with her or your fifth! Take notice of
everything that makes her especially attractive to you and let her know what it is without being too
gaudy and inappropriate. Simple compliments on the color of her eyes or her hair are always great
ways to
get her to smile. Don't overdo it and always be sincere.
One thing you should know about Russian girls is that they are raised to put family and children as
a priority in their lives.
Russian culture basically dictates that families are the precious and are the
things that make up a close-knit society. If you are serious about where you want your date to end
up, then you may want to deal the family card and express, sincerely, your interest in having a
family one day.
It never hurts to be a gentleman. All it takes is the act of helping your date out of a car, pulling her
chair for her, or opening doors for her. This applies to every girl and not just girls from Russia. Every
girl likes to have a good old fashioned guy who sincerely cares for her welfare, no matter how small
the situation.
It will help the both of you if you are confident and optimistic about what the evening has in store for
you. Being negative is never helpful, but having a positive disposition and self assurance will help
boost the mood between you and your date. Russian girls like an optimistic man who will make
them laugh and feel comfortable about any situation.
With these pieces of advice, your next date with a Russian woman shouldn't all be that nerve
wracking. All it takes is for you to know what Russian girls expect of their dates, which is mainly for
you to be conventional, generous, kind, and a gentleman at the end of it all.
Mark De Schutter 
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