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Husband And Wife Who Can't Live Without Each
Other Is Not A "myth" Or A Cliche.
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There is an old joke about a man coming to the temple every day and asking G-d in his prayers to
help him win the lottery! He has done so for many years, every time praying with heat and passion
and at some point the
angels became so touched with those sincere prayers that they addressed to
the Lord: "Why don't you let him win this lottery!?" and G-d said: "I don't mind allowing him win it,
but he never bought a lottery ticket!"
Action is required to change things in
your life and especially if we are talking about finding a life
time partner. Be sure that He wants you to "
win the lottery", and all you have to do is create the
room for His mercy.
At "Mordinson" we help those people who have decided to try finding their soul mates outside of
their own towns and countries. This is
true for both men and women, but of course the change is
bigger for the ladies, because they are the ones who actually leave home to live with their
. However the duty of a man who marries a woman from another country is to make sure that
the trqnsition goes as smoothly as possible and she is well taken care of. Of course there will be
nostalgia, one man who moved to the US from
Ukraine approximately 15 years ago said that
nostalgia lasts for about 1 year until a person goes back to Ukraine for a visit and then comes back
to the States! On the way back to the US one would usually say: "Ok, now I am heading back
Wife and husband are brushing the teeth
20% of the love that you have in your marriage depends on a person who you got married with and
the 80% depend on the things you do to each other
every day. The reality is very different from what they
show in the movies and write in the novels, you don't
"fall" in love, you actually build it up! The term "love"
or "falling in love" is often misinterpreted and used to
describe something we would call amorousness.
People mistakenly expect the relationship to create
the love by default, simply
because they once found it each other very attractive and charming. Only the couple that realizes
clearly the route of love has a chance to maintain it for long time and actually bring it up to a new
quality level. There are so many "little" things people can but don't do to please each other simply
because they believe it's not so important. Being kind and appreciative towards each other is a
major part of strategy for success in the family. There is a very old saying: "A smile and no milk is
better than a glass of milk without a smile". If two people are indeed interested in creating a home
together- they must work together to make it happen and eventually the process of upgrading their
love will become the main reason of their existence.
Husband and wife who can't live without each other is not a "myth" or a cliche. It is possible to
achieve, you can achieve this with your future wife, but it's a challenge and a tough one. Truth to be
said, many people decide not to take that challenge when they get married. Those usually get
Building a home together is unlike anything else in life, it requires energy, efforts and dedication, but
this is one cause that is worthy of the efforts!
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Tags: Marriage
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Over the years of the evolution it happened so that men and women formed their own
trust and defensive sides...Agents of Israeli Mossad secret service have a technique:
always to follow from which side the man of interest prefers to sit or stand - from left or
right. To those who keep all the time the right side of a person, you need to buck your
ideas up.
A die - From this day
A solis ortu usque ad occasum - From sunrise to sunset
Who should be older - male or female?
...the fans of juveniles are found not only among the wealthy, this phenomenon does
not depends on the social ladder, or marital status. Clearly, according to the
behaviorist (they draw analogies in the behavior of animals and people) the men want
youth and beauty. 
Because of its romantic associations, the rose is the go-to flower for weddings,
especially since the rose comes in an inexhaustible array of colors and hues.
However, the various colors of roses have become associated with particular meanings
over the years. This means that while a bride may want to select a color scheme
based solely on her personal taste, she might also want to consider what she is
"saying" with her flowers.
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