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Making Your Russian Wife Comfortable
In Your Country
If you have traveled outside of the country, you probably understand that cultures differ greatly. The
structure of a country defines the people and their roles in society. People in the United
States can cross either their Northern or Southern boarders and find two entirely different ways of
life. In bringing your Russian wife to your country, knowing something about her country will make
the transition much easier for both of you.
The wife is OK!
If you are able to communicate with your
bride to be before she makes the trip to
your country, ask her many questions
about her life, her friends, and
her family.
Find out about customs and societal
expectations. Talk with her about what her
aspirations were before she decided to join
dating service, why she chosen to join,
and what she expects when she arrives in a
new country. Conversely, tell her about why
you choose
to look for a wife the way that
you did, what dreams you have for
the future, and what your family and friends are like. The more intimate stories you both can share
will provide a basis for you to help her in her cultural transition.
Find a Russian community where you can attempt to find out the differences and the similarities
between the two cultures. Speak to the people about family structure, paying close attention to how
the Russian family unit compares to the western model. Western culture places a high value on
independence, does the same hold true in Russia, if not, what are some of the issues that may
occur due to the differences between your expectations and hers.
Food, it can be the nourishment of the soul. Realize that Russia covers a very large area and
therefore food can be as different from one region to the next. Find out what her favorite dishes are
and see if you can learn to make them or if a restaurant may serve some regional dishes. Find out
how they shop for food in Russia, is it open-air markets and fresh food daily, if so it may be a big
shock just to walk into a supermarket. Research farmer's markets and types of fresh produce
commonly used in Russian dishes.
With technology today, keeping in touch with family and friends over long distances is a computer
connection away. Before your bride leaves her home, find out if her family or friends have a computer
with video and internet connection. If not, see if she can set these up before leaving. By using video
online, she can speak and see the people she cares about, providing her with a social support net.
Telephone calls can be made for pennies a minute. Try to arrange as much communication ways as
you can. This should help her feel less alone in a new country.
Another important part of a person's life can be a religious belief. If your new wife belongs to a
specific religion, find the nearest church where she can practice. If this isn't possible, try to find a
religion in your country that may be similar to hers.
Perhaps one of the most beneficial things you could do is to learn the Russian language. Your wife
may speak English well, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't appreciate your effort to learn her
language. Often there are words, feelings, or situations that really don't have a direct translation
between languages. This can be frustrating when trying to communicate an important message.
Marriage by itself is often a tough transition, adding a cultural change can be amazingly difficult.
However, by practicing calm response to challenges differences can stay small. Moreover, by
making the effort to show support and respect for her situation, your Russian wife should find her
new home a very inviting place.
Lera Cupidonova 
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