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My Experience With Russian Women
It has been often a serious debate amongst European men whom I have witnessed at dating sites and relationship chat rooms - why should it be a Russian woman to get married to. Well without
beating around the bush, I got good reasons for you perhaps as a man who has been asking himself
about how genuine his relationship will eventuality turn out to be in connection with the Russian
woman in your life against the background of what you have heard and of course how your love
affairs is been handled by your family members.
A friend narrated his life experience below and I would like to share it with you. Maybe it will make
you arrive at some important decisions about your choice.
I recently married a Russian woman at the
age of 39 as a European and of course I somehow had
an inconsistent feeling, but I did my little best to be plain and sincere in the previous relationship. I
was married to another tribe which I will like to be anonymous about for good ten years but the time
spent together was like a cat and rat relationship until the relationship hit a brick wall and we got
divorced, then I was at my mid thirties. After my divorce I joined several dating clubs; too numerous
to mention and I as always unlucky to meet ladies or widows that are often older than I do with good
age difference and the younger ladies I met seems to be inexperienced and not too good to cope
with my kind of person.
Younger lady in the Moscow street
I then travelled to Russia on a business trip. At my first
attempt, I was so impressed with the culture and mindset
of women there, that I was no longer interested in the
dating issue but went ahead for wife-hunting. It was in this
process; of course not too long, I got in touch with the soul
of my life-a Russian woman!
I invited her to my Country and it was like a magic that I
quickly fell in love with her and every member of my family
joined in the "Love Chorus"- to the extent that some of my
peers that were already married were jealous of me. We
got married and that was it! I couldn't have been a fulfilled
man in marriage today if not for the Love of my heart, a
God-sent Russian woman that bailed me out of a frustrated
marriage life- I mean, the once told cat and rat relationship!
As of today she is everything I need and she has always
been there. We are happily married. Our marriage seems
to be new every morning and blessed with great and
intelligent kids.
I just want to advise you not to be misled and do not be scared to make your choice. These Russian
women are excellent partners and they understand every bit of your emotion and feelings as you
want them to be understood. I am telling you this from my own experience.
Mike Belch 
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A real proof for successful marriages between western men and
Russian women are real stories told
by many men.
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If you talk about the type of men Russian women prefer, their answer would be a man
who is lovable and caring. One who is capable enough to make decision of his own
and not dependant on others. Humorous and determined nature in men is what
Russian women look for.
An opinion that the nature has endowed the Southern men with sexual skills and
abilities more generously, than the northerners is nothing more than a legend.
Temperament is an extremely individual feature and does not depend on ethnicity or
an area of residence. Nevertheless, sexual behavior is regulated both by natural
instincts and moral principles, cultural traditions and official law.
It may be possible that you know the major reasons due to which the single Russian
women are looking for American husbands. These girls are very beautiful as well as
tender. We need to talk about the reasons for which Russian women go for American
The internet is full of dating sites and marriage sites from all over the world. These are
currently subdivided by geographical region and continent. Thus one will have Asian
dating and marriage sites, African ones, European ones and Russian ones. As for the
Russian brides sites it is interesting to discuss why it is fairly popular for many men
of diverse ages
.
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