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NLP And Subliminal Messages: What Is The
"NLP" and "subliminal messages" - if you have been keeping tabs on the field of psychology, there's
a possibility that you've already heard about them. However, you really don't know what they are,
more so how they relate to each other. Or perhaps the most basic question is if there is any relation
between the two.
This is the purpose of this article.
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Defining NLP
NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. From its
definition alone, you can already have quite a good idea
of what it is. It covers three aspects: neuro, which is the
mind; linguistic or language, which can come in different
forms, such as words, images, and sounds; and
programming, or development of a set of principles or
guidelines. Simply put, NLP is the use of the mind's
language to reach your desired objectives or goals.
NLP has been around for quite some time. It started around the 1970s using famous people such as
Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls as respondents. Today this concept is utilized by almost all walks of
life, from professionals to ordinary individuals.
There are certain philosophies that are being followed by NLP. First, you don't change the person
but the behavior. Moreover, you have the ability to change or achieve your desired result. There are
plenty of resources that are available for you to do that. You don't fail at anything, but the result of
your action is only a feedback. Most of all, as humans, you have direct control over your mind and
how it works. Therefore, you also have the power to dictate the kind of results you want to achieve.
Defining Subliminal Messages
Subliminal messages are called by other names, such as positive statements, affirmations, or auto
suggestions. Like NLP, they can be in terms of sounds, images, or words. They are embedded into
the subconscious, which is the much deeper portion of the mind and something you don't have a lot
of control over. However, the subliminal messages can greatly influence how your conscious mind
thinks and can even alter certain perceptions or thought patterns.
Like NLP, subliminal messages are now used along with hypnosis, meditation, and visualization to
enhance the desired results. The subliminal messages are also now utilized to treat or manage
certain conditions such as panic attack, anxiety disorder, depression, and even life-threatening
Here's an illustration to give you a much better idea how it works: Pretend that you're suffering from
cigarette addiction. You can use visualization to get rid of it. During visualization, subliminal
messages such as "I have the power to overcome cigarette addiction" or "I will get healthy lungs"
can be played out in the mind over and over until they become embedded.
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The Relationship between the Two
Based on the definitions, you can conclude that subliminal
messages fall under NLP. In fact, they rest on one of the guiding
principles of the latter. You can consider the subliminal
messages as the catalyst, and the techniques in NLP will help
you alter your belief system completely.
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