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Online Dating - the First Step Is Your Profile
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The first step to successful online dating is your profile. None of us are perfect but we
should always look our best and try to make a good
first impression. Your online profile
will do just that, give someone a first impression of you. A lot of people will slap up a
picture and give little thought to what they say when filling out their profile information. If
you are serious about getting results from your efforts, you need to put a lot of thought
into filling out your online dating profile.
Empty online profile
Most people are hesitant about describing
themselves to others, no you are not alone. You
should take your time and realize that your online
is the key to attracting the kind of relationship
you want. It should tell a visitor a little about
yourself, but only a little.
1. Pictures are not mandatory but you should have
one or more
ready because you will be asked for
one. If privacy is a concern, you can
choose to send
them discreetly as you are asked. You will want to
have a recent picture and including a few of you in
your natural environment or doing something you 
enjoy is always a good idea. These types of pictures are usually more natural and give
others a good idea of who you are and what you enjoy.
2. Not many people are comfortable talking up their accomplishments, but there are
ways of talking about your talents without sounding like a braggart. Easy things to say
might be: friends always want me to come out for karaoke, when we get together my
friends insist I do the cooking, I'm no Jimmy Hendrix but I enjoy playing guitar and
everything else in that type of way. It sounds more interesting than I like to sing, cook
and play guitar.
3. When it comes to describing yourself we all know that bragging is a big turn off. The
best way to answer questions is with a sense of humor and let them decide themselves.
4. Do not use body parts as a user name or try and make yourself sound superhuman.
5. There are different ways to say anything. You can make it sound interesting and fun
or boring. Think of creative ways to describe your work or hobbies that create interest
after all that is what you are trying to do, get others to notice you.
6. Keep your answers short but informative, you are not writing a book. You should not
be too brief, keep it simple and don't use big words.
Every one of us has something to offer and plenty of positive qualities. If you are having
a hard time filling out your online dating profile, ask a friend for help. Do not make
yourself appear desperate for a date, even if you are. Answer your profile questions like
you are talking to a person standing in front of you.
Belinda Nelson 
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Tell a Friend
Despite all your effort you find that your dating life is rather unsuccessful,
non-existence. You ask yourself, what am I not doing? What have I not tried doing
before to come up with a successful dating experience. What is the missing
ingredient in the recipe I am using?
You have liked a girl. You have decided to write her a letter and make it so that she
drew attention to you (for sure the other guys already have wrote to her). To what do
people (both men and women) pay attention, and what do they ignore? They used to
ignore what they have seen hundreds of times. They pay attention to what is standing
out against a background!
To say that choosing a username for online dating services is hard is truly an
understatement. Coming up with a username is a very important part in making
yourself known in the world of online dating. You need to give special consideration in
choosing your username in the same way as you choose which pictures to use as
your dating photos.
Sounds ironically but the majority of profiles submitted to dating sites clearly do not
meet important task conferred on them - to represent their owner and creator in all
their beauty. This state of affairs had prompted me to write this article.
Despite the fact that our "Articles Directory" has a lot of
information on Russian single
women, we realize that something
may be missing or have not fully
implemented. Tell us what you
would like to know about and we'll
be happy to supplement the site
with new materials.
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