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Physical Attraction Signs From Women
Non-verbal communication is much more effective than anything anyone can actually say to you.
The problem most men have is the inability to read and understand the lost art of non-verbal
communication. Women, when attracted to you, will emit signs of physical attraction, sometimes
without even realizing they are doing so. You, my friend, must pay attention closely if you want to
1. Eye Contact
Eye contact is extremely personal. The eyes
tell all, and if you are lucky enough to grab her
gaze and hold it for a prolonged period of time,
she is definitely interested in you.
2. A Smile
When a woman smiles at you she is giving
you an open invitation to come talk to her. This
smile is her way of telling you, "I want to get to
know you better. Come over to me." Do not
3. Watch Her Lips
One major physical sign of attraction from a woman is licking or a slight biting of her lips. This is a
subtle sign of desire--do not ignore it. During intimacy the lips play an important role. Imagine her
lips kissing your neck softly, or other areas of your body for that matter. When she licks her lips
while staring at you she is telling you she is thinking these thoughts.
4. Look at Her Legs
While she is looking at you, you need to keep an eyes on her legs. Is she crossing them and
uncrossing them while adjusting her skirt? Remember, between her legs is her groin. This is
definitely a physical sign of attraction from her to you.
5. Sitting Close to You
If a woman moves closer to you, leans into you and begins whispering her thoughts into your ear,
you know she has more than friendship on her mind. She wants to take things to the next level--a
physical level. Mirror her actions if you want to keep her attention on you.
6. Touch
When a woman begins caressing your hand, your shoulders or even the sides of your face, she is
trting to tell you she wants to touch you in more intimate ways. She may even begin touching
herself. If she begins touching her own neck or arm in a provacative manner, she is attempting to get
it through your head that she wants you to touch her intimately.
7. Playing With Her Hair
Women use their hair as a way of seduction. She may throw it around, twirl it or fondle it. This are
all ways of telling you that she is completely into you and wants to take it to a much deeper,
physical level. Do not let her get away. Take a bite out of crime.
8. She Talks Sexually
There is no greater sign of physical attraction from a woman than when she begins talking about
what turns her on sexually. This is a defining moment for you, and if you ignore *this* sign, all hope
is lost.
Reading signs of physical attraction from a woman is not as difficult as you think. Women are
predictable, and the signs they emit are basically the same. If you receive at least four of five of the
above, you know she wants you.
Jenny Rogers 
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physical attraction signs from women
Tell a Friend
In my opinion, there are lots of mistakes that men make that can all be traced back to
their inexperience with women. I don't just mean inexperience as far as dating goes, I
also mean inexperience as far as socializing with women just on a friendly level as well.
Those kinds of mistakes do make it harder to understand exactly what it is that you
need to do if you are going to attract women. 
You have a problem with pretty girls, while your friend everything goes perfectly. Cute
girls just cling to him. But those same pretty girls for some reason are starting to avoid 
you after the first meetings. What don't the girls like in you?
You may not be in a relationship with a certain someone yet, but that doesn't matter.
There are definite signs that you are on their mind and they are thinking about you more
than just when they see you. The most important thing to remember is that someone
has to be thinking about you before they take action towards you.
You are young, free, and a lady appeared on the horizon, when looking at whom a
obstinate snake of the loneliness runs up to the neck. Lady is good, arrogant,
impregnable, and pays no heed to you. I want badly to see the lady undressed. Well, at
least in the home dressing gown to let the sawdust out. A she-goat, on which you can
get on the right side to her, as ill luck would have it, does not arise.
Dating is very hard, there are many different scenarios to be thought of, but we'll think in
general for you readers. So how to know if a girl really likes you? Try these tips and
clues to look out for that I've listed below. The worst thing you can do is get hung up on
one girl.
The girl stares at you and reads your thoughts.
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