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Why Relationships Without Intimacy Are Not
Successful Or Don't Last Long
Tags: Marriage
Intimacy is the main impetus for the success of every love relationships in this world perhaps it is a
fact that it is not possible for any relationship to survive without intimacy. By intimacy, I mean
to say both physical and emotional intimacy. A physical intimacy is not possible without a mental
intimacy and also an emotional intimacy can never be developed without having
physical intimacy
between partners. This is the area where most couples face troubles.
It is common in many relationships that one type of intimacy is more important to one partner than
the other. They try to drag this relationship by assuming that everything is perfectly alright between
them until one of the partners speaks out and letting them know that the relationship was not that
intimate which they were thinking of. A more tragic case is the ending of a relationship due to lack of
intimacy or divorce after marriage.
If you and your partner lack in physical or emotional intimacy in your relationship then you should
expect anything out of that particular relationship. Such relationships often turn out to be a short
lasting one and hence tend to perish with time. The reason for this is very simple and you don't have
to be a rocket scientist to understand the reason of your break up. Without any physical or mental
attachment between two life partners, there is nothing to hold the relation together and hence in
tough situations one tends to loose faith and loyalty on the other and both partners find themselves
amidst a great ocean of peril, with nothing to hold onto. Such feelings later lead to a feeling of
insecurity and thus they fail to trust each other in stringent situations in their life.
Boy and girl. Hand in hand.
It is not that you have to pretend being
intimate with your partner. It is just that
showing simple care or physical affection,
such as hugs, kisses, pampering, cuddling
and holding your partner's hand lets your
partner know that you care for him or her. It
is these actions that bring the feeling of
love, trust and faithfulness in your relation
and help in binding the relationship,
strongly together.A question that is sure to
pop in your mind is that how you can know
that that you are  satisfactorily
intimate with your soul mate. Well it is very simple. Let me give you a sweet example and things will
get cleared! Suppose you see your partner in a room next to where you are sitting and find out that
she is watching you. Just blink your eye with a sweet smile and if she gives a similar reply by
winking or smiling back at you then consider yourself lucky as you were successful in developing a
feeling of intimacy with your partner.
Most people do not feel good about hurting or distrusting their partners but often these situations
arises when you start to get skeptic about your partner's activities and fail to trust her or keep faith
on her. The dominant force acting behind such matters is lack of emotional intimacy. Without
intimacy you can never feel secured while in a relation and hence can never know that your partner
truly love you or not. This is why a relationship without intimacy on both levels is doomed to failure in
most of the cases.
Jenny Rogers 
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Tags: Marriage
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