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Russian brides in Australia
The popular Australian newspaper THE AGE has issued a lengthy article on the subject
of Russian brides. The subject has got a ready response and dozens of comments.
The plot of the story is simple: a well-known Australian writer and
journalist Sam de Brito has allegedly received a cheerful letter,
inviting him to visit the wonderful site of Melbourne dating agency
that offers Australian men the Russian brides for all ages and
tastes. While the Australian men find as Russian any women of
the former Soviet Union. The explanations that the Lithuanians
and  Latvians are not Russian, are usually greeted with deep
suspicion by the Australian residents.
Australian writer and journalist Sam de Brito
Sam de Brito has not refused a tempting offer and started studying "the market" in
order to analyze the integrity of the proposal. It turned out that offering several
dozen of "Russian brides" aged from "almost teenager" to "forty-something", the local
marriage market experts argue convincingly the advantages of Russian brides over the
First, the Russian women are described as tending to family values and putting these
values ahead of career. The site emphasizes that, unlike their sisters from Australia,
the UK and the USA, the Russian women are not spoiled by thirst for the
independence and feminism.
Second, they convince Australians, the Russian women readily relate life with the
older men. Accordingly, the middle-aged Australians can count on brides of twenties,
the fifty years ones - for thirty years, etc.
Third, the Russian woman - it's easy. Because in Russia ten million women more than
men, and you can choose to your taste either petite brunette, fluffy blonde, or vice
Fourth, as the advertising authors point out tactfully, some men still have the
"prejudices" that do not allow them to use more affordable for Australians the Asian
market of brides, because they want to marry a white woman and have white children.
Sam de Brito with indignation of enlightened
supporter of modern values has criticized this
approach to the live people. He invited readers
to engage in dialogue, and they have
embraced the theme enthusiastically and
generously shared their experience and views.
Even not so much on the Russian women, as
on the local - Australian.
The readers who have actually seen the
modern Russian women have noticed that they
are no less independent than the Australian or
British. Moreover, it is obvious that a woman
who is ready to take the risk and go to a
foreign country, has a strong character. The
institution of marriage, as one commentator
says, has always rested on a contract
between two people, and if today it is easier
to enter into such a contract with a woman
from Russia, then, in fact, why not?
There were the comments from relatives of lonely Australian bachelors who can not
find a wife, which retained the traction to family values. "Perhaps a Russian girl is his
last hope," - says the Sister of Australian bachelor of thirty who wants his wife to
stay at home, cook dinner and take care of him as a supporter.
It is fair to note that it is really easier to find such a woman in Russia and the
surrounding area than in Australia. It is also true that the free women in Russia there
are more, than here. Incredible deaths of Russian men, army, prisons, alcohol create a
big imbalance in the ratio of free men and women in Russia. The fact is that Russian
women are willing to connect their lives with the men, which are older by 20, or even
30 years than they are.
Another thing is that on the sites of marriage agencies there are more often not
these, most-tend to family values, unpretentious and docile
Russian women from
somewhere in the provinces
, but  the sophisticated ladies, for whom the traditional
family values, well, are not at first.
Finally, there is another benefit of Russian brides are not affected by delicate Sam de
Brito, but well noticed by the readers. Russian women are much more attractive then
Australian women. It really is true. First, Australian women, like many other Western
women, suffer from the
excess weight, and the problem grows before your eyes. And,
if more recently it mostly concerned the mothers of families, now even Australian
schoolgirls look, to put it mildly, not deliciously. The hero of Nabokov's "Lolita" could
hardly be inspired by some nymphets here. In addition, the simplicity of manners, and
feminism, too, make their own. The women, for the most part, do not particularly care
for themselves. There yet are lovely, elegant, well-groomed Australian women, but
they are far less than pretty, elegant, well-groomed Russian women.
By the way, as the statistics show, despite the terrible shortage of Russian men, they
also travel to Australia  by the increasing flow. THE AGE leads the following statistics:
in 1999-2000 in Australia for the Russians has been issued 64 female and 21 male
visas, and in 2003-2004 - 443 female and 99 male visas. The growth is 700%!
Apparently, the journalists do not have the statistics for the later period. But there is
a very interesting statistics related to the demographic situation in Australia as a
Among the 22 million of Australians there is very large amount of ex-Soviet citizens. 
According to a rough estimate - about half a million. Russian language is a common
occurrence in the streets of Sydney and Melbourne. And lately, in the ordinary
Australian supermarkets the "Russian products" began to appear.  Emphasize, not
somewhere in the historic districts of migrants, such as Balaclava in Melbourne, but in
the most ordinary shops you are surprised to find a buckwheat, sprats, numerous
variations of pickles, bread rings, halva and even some amazing product - a mixture of
figs with walnuts - claimed as the traditional Russian sweet.
Australia is a country that is not afraid, in contrast to Russia, to follow the path of
replenishment of the population due to migrants. Moreover, the migrants, in terms of
mentality, far more differ from "traditional Australians" than the inhabitants of the
former Soviet Union from the Russians. Here is believed that the only way to the
future is the way of coexistence of different ethnic groups and cultures. The worthy
contribution to the future of Australia can be made by the Russian brides, Chinese
students, Indian taxi drivers and Indonesian workers.
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According to statistics, Russia today is home to over 20 million single
men. And the experts predict a rise of the number. What is the reason of
bachelor boom? First, the changed attitude to the unmarried men.
Compared to the Soviet period, single men are given more opportunities
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The contest called "Win a Russian bride" holds the New Zealand vodka
marketer 42 Below. The winner will go to Moscow. On the promotional
poster contest featured blond, which, standing on her knees, scrubs the
floor in the kitchen. The inscription reads: "Believe me, those Russian
women - simply plague. Not feeling unloved, if you are watching cricket
on Valentine's Day. They damn that you are small and thick."
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