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Russian - foreign marriages and their legal
These days, in Russia no one is surprised by marriage with a citizen of other country. According to
statistics, every year in Russia there are 3-4% of marriages with foreigners.
Russian girls attract foreigners by the famous Slavic beauty, femininity, desire to give oneself
completely family, and the ability to create a homey feel. With these qualities, they stand out from
the girls from other countries, which usually put a career on the first place, and start to think about
the personal life and family after they reached the first goal.
Russian women's aspiration to marry a foreigner is caused by the desire to live a "normal life", and
by the physical shortage of home grooms.
A set of laws on marriage and family.
International marriages are a matter of law.
When marrying between citizens of other countries, we
need to consider a number of legal nuances, in order  not
to be trapped subsequently. Form, order, conditions of
marriage with foreigners, and the legal consequences of
such marriages are governed by the Family Code of the
Russian Federation.
The Family Law of RF has highlighted two main points in marriage to foreigners:
  Registration of marriage to a foreign citizen in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  Registration of marriage with a representative of another country outside of the Russian Federation.
The bride put a wedding ring on groom's finger.
Marriage to a foreigner in Russia
When marriage with foreigner in the RF the
procedure and form of its conclusion is established
in accordance with the legislation of the Russian
Federation, and the conditions of the marriage shall
be established for the person under the law of the
country of which he is.
It should be noted, than the conditions stipulated by
the foreign law must not conflict
with the provisions of Article 14 of the Family Code of RF, which lists the circumstances that
preclude the entry into a marriage:
  one of the persons who enter into a marriage, is already married;
  persons are close relatives to each other;
  persons are for each other adoptive parents or adopted children;
  one of the persons is confessed in the court as legally incapable.
For clarity, we present the following situation:  Russian woman has decided to get married to a
citizen of Lebanon, in Russia, but it turned out that the beloved Lebanese had already tied the bond
of marriage in his state. Obviously, such a polygamous marriage with her ??fiance in Russia can not
be registered because it contradicts the requirements of Article 14 of the RF FC.  A citizen of
another state can not conceal the fact of the marriage, because the registry office will require a
certificate stating that he is not in a registered marriage, and if he had previously been married, he
must submit a document proving the divorce.
Getting married abroad and its recognition as valid in Russia
In the case of marriage to a foreigner outside the Russian Federation, such a marriage must be in
accordance with the terms of the State where the marriage is registered. Again, we must not forget
the Article 14 of Family Code, because, if the requirements of this article are not followed, the
marriage will not be recognized as valid in Russia.
Property and other legal relationship between spouses.
Property and other personal rights of spouses are governed by the law of the country where they
have a joint residence.
In the event that those who are married, do not have a common place of residence or common
nationality, these international newlyweds, signing up the marriage contract or agreement for
payment of child support, can choose the law, according to which they will be governed in their
economic and moral relationship.
For example, if the marriage is in Germany, the bride and groom in the marriage contract may reflect
what legislation they choose to manage their relationships. This legislation may not only be of
German or Russian, but at a certain agreement between spouses it may apply the legislation of
together elected State. The main thing that this point was included in the marriage contract.
The legal relationship between parents and children
The question of the legal relationship of parents and children is very important. Have often heard
about the resonance of international litigation in which the parents were arguing about the place of
residence of the child after the divorce, often passing all international legal authorities.
In accordance with Article 163 of the RF FC, when deciding on the rights and responsibilities of
children and parents, the law of the country in which the parents have a joint residence is applied. In
case of the absence of co-residence, the law of the State of which the child is, is applied. In the
case of recovery of child support, the plaintiff may apply for application of the law of the state where
the child lives.
There are many pros and cons of international marriages. Just like an ordinary marriage, the
marriage to a foreigner can be happy or unfortunate. What would be the conjugal union, is largely
dependents on the spouses themselves. Therefore it is important, before marrying a foreigner, learn
the language, learn the culture, customs and traditions of the country, and most importantly is to
have at least some idea about the features of family law of the country.
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