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The Best Way To Predict The Future
Our imagination and choice of focus inevitably shapes the future that we experience. Whatever we
focus upon tends to become the reality that we experience. Although there are many things that are
out of our own control where we
choose to look and how we see things are what define our own lives.
Many of us go through life questioning what the future holds or trying to work out what
might happen just around the corner. Some of us visit psychics and mediums in the hope of finding answers to
some of our questions relating to the future. Others of us have a sense of futility or fatality about the
future, thinking in terms of "what will be will be".
A smaller number of people actively work to
invent their own future, irrespective of the
circumstances that they are faced with. Steve
Jobs was one person whose life was shaped by
this pattern of thought. He shaped his own
future and also the lives of many others
because of his way of thinking.
His idea was to create "stuff" which made life
easier and simpler. This goal led to the
development of many gadgets that define our
lives today. Having a goal is such a key
thing in
predicting a persons pathway and ability to
invent and achieve things.
building up a house
Many people try to approach life the opposite way around. By this I mean that they learn many
techniques and parts of things without having an ultimate goal. Yet without that goal, they have no
real purpose. They are learning nuts and bolts without having a plan to put them together to create a
bigger whole.
Successful prediction of the future comes from being able to see a bigger picture than just individual
parts. In seeing an ideal, or setting a definite goal what you in fact do is set your mind out on a
particular pathway. The tasks or the goals in themselves lead to the learning of the necessary
techniques to get you there. The task leads to the acquisition or discovery of technique.
Thus if you want to predict your future it is important to set your goals which in turn open your mind
to relevant discovery, learning and success. Success usually begins from the top down rather than
the bottom up.
Hypnosis is very useful in allowing you to set goals firmly in your mind and smooth your way to
success. When in hypnosis your imagination comes to the fore and you can more clearly open your
mind to new ideals and realities.
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Fortune Teller
"NLP" and "subliminal messages" - if you have been keeping tabs on the field of psychology,
there's a possibility that you've already heard about them. However, you really don't know
what they are, more so how they relate to each other. Or perhaps the most basic question is
if there is any relation between the two.
Once upon a time a poverty was. And it was so poor, that it had no money even for a capital
"P". So it was called - the poverty in small letters.And it was so unsure of itself that it could
not live alone. It always lived with someone who kept thinking about it.
Positive phrases are easy to master when you know a couple of tricks. The first thing to keep
in mind when choosing positive words and phrases is thinking about the end result you
desire. This article gives you tips on how to do positive phrases correctly and why keeping
positive thoughts works so well in making you happy.
"You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make an honest
effort to confer that pleasure on others? Half the battle is gained if you never allow yourself to
say anything gloomy." --Julia Child, 1912-2004, Chef, Author and Television Personality
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