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The Number One Thing To Say To Your Woman
When She Is Mad At You
Tags: Marriage
If your woman is mad at you then she has a reason for being mad. It may not be a reason that you
would get upset about but to her the reason is valid and worthy of her anger, hurt, or frustration, and
she wants you to acknowledge and
understand that. If you want to make her feel better than you are
going to have to understand that simple
truth first.
The furious wife armed with a rolling pin and frying pan
If you don't understand that she needs you to
really get her reasons behind her anger then you
can end up saying things that only make the
situation worse. You can put all the blame on her
for being upset and you can make her feel as
though her feelings don't matter to you.
Once you realize that she really needs you to
validate why she is upset then you will be able to
say the right things to help you get to that point.
The number one thing you can say to her is: I
want to understand what is wrong so that it
can be fixed. When you say this to her you do a
few things for the situation.
You Validate Her Feelings
You are telling her that you recognize that she's upset and it's okay that she's upset. You are
essentially saying that there is a problem that needs to be worked on and you understand that. She
will be relieved that you get that there really is a problem and that you want to work on it.
If you were to suggest that there is no problem to her then you would be telling her that her feelings
are not necessary which would be telling her that her feelings are not valid to you.
You Show Her That You Care
All she wants is for you to understand why she is upset and acknowledge the reasons behind her
anger or hurt. By asking her to share those reasons you are showing her that you want to make the
root of the problem better and that you care enough about her to work on it.
If you instead ignore the issue or make it seem as though it's no big deal you can suggest that you
don't really care about her feelings and that working on her issues is not a priority of yours. This can
potentially make her feel unloved and disconnected from you.
Suspension bridge of the puzzle elements
You Work Towards a Resolution
If you don't understand what is really wrong and why
she is upset then you can't work towards a resolution
to solve the problem. But when you let her know that
you want to understand what is wrong so that you can
fix it then you are taking the first step towards actually
fixing it!
Many men will avoid the problem and wait till 
she lets it go without actually finding out what
it was she let go. This means that the problem will most likely show up again and again in the future
because you haven't dealt with the real issue behind it. So while you think you have gotten away
with not having to discuss the issue, you actually have made it worse for yourself because the issue
has not gone away at all.
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Tags: Marriage
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