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The Things That Guys Want To Know About
Their Russian Brides (part 2)
What do guys usually want to know about their online brides? These are the most
important questions asked by men from our online brides. Tips of what to ask and
what not to ask your online bride while corresponding with her.
5) What's your religion?
question regarding religion can be important for the ones who chose a Kazakh
lady (oriental-looking) girl. As you know we present also Kazakhstan women, and
Kazakhstan is a Central Asia region, even that 60 of oriental-looking ladies, so this
question can be addressed to them. And concerning the religion issue in online dating
agency - people who come here to find their lifetime companions are certainly defined
about their religion preferences, for example, if the Muslim girls applied to the marriage
agency, where the mainstream male clients are westerners, i.e.
Christians or Catholics, etc. It means that the
bigger part of them accepts this fact and
ready to build up serious relationship with a
man with another religious preferences. If we
talk about the guys, any man also has a right
of choice and he decides for himself what faith
his wife must have. But usually, the girls who
come to the agency don't mind to marry a
person who has a different faith. The most
important for them is to find a soul-mate and a
second half for themselves.
6) What are you planning in case you move
to my country?
This kind of question could seem a bit odd to
the ladies. Of course, all of the
Russian brides who came to the agency and found their
lifetime partner think of doing something after
arrival to their husbands' country, but only
a few of them know about the traditions, culture and lifestyle of their fiance's
homeland. It's difficult to answer this question, because first of all the ladies are
scared of the language barrier, they have a different mentality and they know about
it. That's why they may be afraid of making some plans and may have difficulties in
saying what she exactly will be doing after moving to a different country.
Basicly, all women from the CIS countries are
not spoilt and are hard-working. They
are ready to be as much proactive as it is needed in order to make their family happy.
This is because the life here is different. It is more difficult and complicated than the
life in any of the western countries. Here, women have to
earn money, raise kids, and
run the house. She is lucky if her husband is not a hard-drinker, because he can work
and help her to make living, or if he's not too much abusive towards her. She will
never be happy to do nothing, because she's used to do something and work hard. Of
course, she will need a little time
to adopt and adjust to a new culture, learn some
language and feel enough comfortable and confident to start doing something. But the
most important thing, that the Russian bride will need - is the help of her husband, his
kind advices and care. This will be a strongest motivation for her to begin doing what
she thinks she wants to do.
7) Why do you want to find a husband for yourself abroad?
If you want to know this sort of information, the best way to ask this question is:
What influenced your decision to start searches outside of your country?
There is a common belief among western population, that the Russian brides who seek
for foreign husbands do so just because they want to go abroad - it is absolutely
wrong. The girls in the Russian-speaking countries are looking for happy family life
everywhere. Since the life is quite difficult here, all of them have experienced hard
times and they don't want the same things to happen to their children and to their
family. They strive to protect their children from facing hard times and want some
better life for them.
Besides, do you know that there are 10 women to 8, 7 men in the most CIS countries?
Take off the list the ones who never will commit to a woman, the ones who are
alcoholics, you are probably looking at 5,6 men to 10 women in this case. So, it is just
not enough males in the CIS courtiers to create families with.
8) Why can't you find a good man in your country?
The answer on such question can be that in any country of the world there are some
people who have some dislikes about the opposite sex in the neighbourhood and they
don't want to spend their entire life being married to their compatriots. It may be so
due to some negative experience or they feel like there is something that allures and
interests them more in people of other mentality, culture, tradition or appearance.
They may feel like they want to have something different in their life that can be
better, more exciting and bright, something that will allow them to live the full life.
They know how much love, care and tenderness they can give to a beloved person,
however, they also want to be rewarded for that. Most of the people who are trying
to find their second half far away from their home country are assured that they won't
be happy in love with a person from their own country. Well, actually both males and
females who look for a lifetime partner in the internet does so, because he has some
discomforts with looking for a partner in his own country and has doubts that a local
spouse could make him happy.
Part 3
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A while ago, it was customary for a couple to seek the blessings of their
families before they could get married. In modern times, the culture is far
more open-minded when it comes to Russian brides. There are many
interesting traditions relating to marriage, some of which are truly unique.
The first sexual experience has a different influence on men and women.
The men feel more attractive, but with the girls there is not so simple...
And here's how Russian girls comment these facts. (adapted from Russian
women site
Marrying foreigners and moving abroad Russian women often insist on
taking their child with them even if the child is not so small. This situation
is normal and I think one should have no heart to forbid that. 
The answer in my opinion is obvious. Who does not love it? And how it
depends on the belonging to some ethnic group? How is this possible -
not to love the sex? So I reasoned, from the position of an ordinary
Russian woman. But the questions continue to be asked by the doubter
Western men, apparently, they suggest a possible negative response
(what if they don't?).
Despite the fact that our "Articles Directory" has a lot of
information on Russian single
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