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The Things That Guys Want To Know About
Their Russian Brides (part 3)
What do guys usually want to know about their online brides? These are the most
important questions asked by men from our online brides. Tips of what to ask and
what not to ask your online bride while corresponding with her.
9) If you come to my country would you like to work in your professional
This is a good question.
Most of
Russian brides are very intelligent and well-educated, though they remain to
be just
good wives and mothers at home and just have some low-paid job that allows
them to make their living somehow. They want to
grow professionally and get to know
many new things by doing something that they were studying to do. They would
probably like to get a certificate on their professional activity in the country of her
husband, but, of course, all this will take some time, before a girl can read and speak
fluent language.
10) How safe is your country would be for
me, if I decide to visit you?
Well, let me ask you first, how safe are some
parts of LA, or New York? Do you know any
country that is 100% safe and doesn't have
any crimes happening in? That's right there is
no such place in the world. Talking about most
former USSR countries these places are
absolutely safe destination for tourists. These
countries historically are a very hospitable and
once you are there, you will love it. The only
thing that can cause difficulties for a foreign
man coming to this country is that many
people here don't speak English and it's
difficult to deal with them. The only concern
for a foreigner about being there may be that
it's better to have someone who can meet you
at your arrival and who can help you to decide
all the bureaucratic stuff regarding
documents and your stay. But it's better to ask to assist you with this some persons
that you know and someone you can be in liaise with before your leaving, to make
sure that everything will be ready to the date of your arrival. Actually, arranging the
stay in the FSU countries through the agency you are registered in is the safest and
cheapest option. And if you try to manage to do all this on your own when you are
already there, it will cost you a lot of time, money and your nerves. It's true that
people love bribes there, and any instance you will address to on your own will try to
charge you more than the original price is. It will happen after they figure out that you
are a foreigner.
11) Do you believe in love from the first sight, or love in the internet?
Everybody who address to a dating agency probably believes that love happens even
in the internet, no matter if it's love from the first sight or
love that will come later in
serious communication. Many couples that already found one another are very happy
and are really in love. Otherwise, they would not probably spend their time and so
much affords for searches of a beloved one in a different part of the world and they
would not refuse from being in serious relationship with the opposite sex in their
home-country. The bottom line is - those who want to know the answer on this
question have probably try to answer it, as if they were asked to answer this
question, so than they could figure out what's true and false.
12) Your relationship to kids? Would you like to have kids with me?
Every Russian bride who comes to the agency to find a lifetime partner for herself has
a greatest desire to create a family and to have kids. All the women just have a
common wish to give all the best for their children and they all want a bright future for
their kids. The adult generations in Russia had to face difficult transition period of the
country after the collapse of the USSR. Even though a lot of things have been
changed since then, there are still many difficulties for people living here. And the
younger generations that still remember that tough time and they still have to face its
consequences now, don't really want their children to grow in the difficult conditions.
Women in CIS in general are very family-oriented and were raised and taught to be
considerate and understanding wives to their husbands, and loving and caring mothers
to their children. In most part Russian women are making excellent mothers, for men
who have children already and need a good mother and good example for them
Russian bride is the answer.
Part 4
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The first sexual experience has a different influence on men and women.
The men feel more attractive, but with the girls there is not so simple...
And here's how Russian girls comment these facts. (adapted from Russian
women site
The answer in my opinion is obvious. Who does not love it? And how it
depends on the belonging to some ethnic group? How is this possible -
not to love the sex? So I reasoned, from the position of an ordinary
Russian woman. But the questions continue to be asked by the doubter
Western men, apparently, they suggest a possible negative response
(what if they don't?).
Look around on the web, and you'll find plenty of sites that advertise
Russian mail order brides. In reality, though, the term "mail order bride" is
rather out-of-date. It's still used because it's just something that people
are used to hearing and saying. True mail order brides haven't existed for
about a hundred years.
Many Western men are claiming that their female counterparts are
becoming less and less feminine and more masculine. This has caused
many western men to look to Russia and has started the trend of men
Dating Russian girls. Men are able to find dates and even marriages from
Russia, either via the Internet or other sources.
Despite the fact that our "Articles Directory" has a lot of
information on Russian single
women, we realize that something
may be missing or have not fully
implemented. Tell us what you
would like to know about and we'll
be happy to supplement the site
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