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Three Common Misconceptions Ukraine
Girls Have About American Men
There are many articles that have been written over the years regarding some of the common myths
Russian women. In fact, people of all nationalities, ethnic groups and foreign cultures are often
associated with some kind of stereotype.
American men should not at all be surprised that Ukraine
girls often tend to maintain generalizations about them.
Ukraine Girls Dreaming About
First of all, it widely is believed that men in America are all extremely wealthy. Of course,
the United States is an exceptionally prosperous
country. Depictions in the movies, on television
and on the Internet generally display people here
living extremely luxurious lifestyles. Naturally,
this is not
true for everyone.
While many men here do have a great deal of
wealth compared to those in other parts of the
world, the average perception does not
necessarily match the usual reality. On the other
hand, this does not mean that
Russian girls place their highest priorities in the area of money. They generally are more interested in your
background, activities and personality.
Secondly, it is commonly thought that many
here are very well traveled. Women in Russia
and other countries have an image of Americans
as constantly taking vacations, traveling the
world and being on
the move. In reality, their rate of international travel is rather low. Less than 1/3 of Americans
actually hold a passport.
This is a myth that is closely related to the assumption that all Americans are wealthy. Also, many
people tend to forget the fact that countries in the western hemisphere are relatively far apart. It is
not as easy to go to another country here as it is in Europe where the various different nations are
comparatively near to each other.
Once again, not fitting into the world traveler stereotype is not a bad thing. A Russian lady will be
just as interested in hearing you tell about your domestic trips to the beach, the forest or the
mountain parks. She will probably have some fascinating stories for you about the Ukraine as well.
The third most popular concept which may or may not be true is that a man in America always has
a large family. Even if you do not happened to, she possibly does. It is not really at all that unusual
for extended families to live together in Russia. Parents, grandparents and cousins may all live
together in the same house.
She will most likely want to tell you about her own family and will naturally be curious about yours.
Talking to her about this subject is a fantastic way to share ideas, exchange interests and make
conversation. Whether you have a very small, medium size or quite large family, she will probably
still want to know all about it. Of course, she probably has opinions about beginning one of her own.
If you do not precisely match the description of this mythical man, there is no real reason for you to
worry. After all, not being exactly what she expected could simply make you all the more
interesting. She will also have some surprises for you about herself.
A Ukraine girl might be pleasantly surprised to find out that the preconceptions turned out to be
wrong. Remember, every man and woman in the world is different and actually it is these differences
that can create lasting interest, build relationships and
develop attractions.
Lera Cupidonova 
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