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Top Dating Icebreaker Questions - Dating Advice
When you go on a first date that was arranged by an agency you might be nervous and not know
what to talk about with a total stranger. So it is a good idea to plan ahead and
figure out what you
are going to talk about before you go on that very important first date. You want to make a good
on your date because if you don't you may not get a second chance. Here are some
dating questions that will be great icebreakers to help you start a great conversation.
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Asking your date "What is your Career?" is a
great icebreaker question for a first date. After
they tell you about their career, you can tell
them about yours for further conversation.
Their career is an important part of their life,
but it isn't a question that is too personal to
ask on a first date. Remember that people
usually like to talk about themselves. You
can also ask your date "Do you have any
pets?" People generally love to talk about
their pets if they have any. Maybe you will
discover that you are both dog or cat lovers.
You can ask them "What hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time?" or "What interests do you
have?" and maybe you will have a common interest in an activity that can become a part of your
second date such as cooking dinner together if you both love to cook. Common interests and
hobbies are usually what spark a relationship. When people go on a date they want to find someone
to share their passions in life with them.
Remember you are not interviewing them though; a first date is all about getting to know someone
so try to let the conversation come naturally and relaxed as possible. Ask casual questions like
"Where did you grow up?" and "Do you have any brothers and sisters?" and then after they answer
tell them a little bit about your own home town and family. You might be surprised to find out you
have similar beginnings. "What is your favourite food?" is an appropriate topic to talk about that can
be followed by asking "What is your favourite restaurant?" so you can go there together on your
second date if you have a connection with each other.
You will probably be curious to know what kind of music they like to listen to. So be sure to ask him
or her "What kind of music do you like to listen to?" and maybe you will find out that you both are
avid opera lovers, or you both like many of the same bands. This information could help you plan a
future date such as going to a concert together. These questions have two purposes, they can keep
your conversation from going stagnant and help you get to know the person you are dating so you
will know if you want to continue to see this person a second time or not. So, remember you have
no reason to be afraid of meeting someone through an agency for the first time when you are
prepared for that first conversation.
Susan Lancaster 
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