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Traditions Of Russian Brides Then And Now
A while ago, it was customary for a couple to seek the blessings of their families before they could
married. In modern times, the culture is far more open-minded when it comes to Russian brides.
There are many interesting traditions relating to
marriage, some of which are truly unique.
A Russian
wedding ceremony is a one of a kind occurrence. It is very probable that you find the perfect lady by means of an agency, who will enlighten you regarding the basic cultural norms. Still,
you may be eager to know more about the ceremony itself.
Long ago, it was common for the couple to have very little say regarding a partner and often only
became acquainted on their wedding day! Families had a lot to do with deciding who their children
were going to marry by promising them to prospective mates when they were still young.
Over time, these traditions became more flexible, especially when free thinking ideas became
popular in America. By now, dating became acceptable, as long as the couple did not partake in
sexual indulgences before the marital date. To do so would bring harsh punishment.
Groom abducts his bride
Buying a wife was never seen as disrespectful,
in fact, it was meant to show that the male
would be a good provider. He would make a bid
of money or presents, often including her whole
family in his generosity. The future bridegroom
would go to great lengths to show that he was
quite capable of providing his wife with a lavish
life. This is still practiced in modern times, but
the bidding is now simply a representation of
the old ideas without any real trading.
If he was hampered and could not marry her due to parental obstacles, abduction was the perfect
solution. This may seem strange in these modern times, but it was normal back then. There were
even men who were professionals at it and they would come up with all kinds of tricks to make the
girls parents consent to her marriage.
The money these men received usually came from the bridegroom and his family. Naturally, it
needed full support from the woman to succeed, with many of them eloping at midnight while the
household slept.
This shows the tenacity of Russian girls, that they are able to set all that they cherish aside simply
to be with that special person.
Marriage ceremonies are usually authorized and take place in a church. While Most of the
population Christians, more orthodox beliefs mean that the ritual is slightly different to those in the
west. Speaking of religion, during the later years of the Stalin government, many church rituals were
These days, most people choose a church service, and also include formal documents to cement
the marriage from a legal aspect.
Traditional ceremonies for Russian brides are flexible, and it can take many hours to perform the
required chants and requests for blessings from God. In modern times, people wanting to marry tend
to choose the shorter ceremony, which may last for half an hour. After that, the entire group moves
to another setting, like a restaurant, where everyone joins in and celebrates with delicious food and
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If you are thinking taking a Russian bride, there are a few things you should take
into consideration before finally popping the question. One of the most important
things to consider is her family. Just like in any marriage, your bride comes with
a history. Before she walks down the aisle, it is worth taking the time to get to
know about her and her family, because you do not want any surprises months
down the line.
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have "traditional" values. Now this phrase probably means something a little
different to everyone who hears it.
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