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4 Reasons Women Think You Are A Jerk.
Do you get called a jerk often? Do you know why? Even if you don't get called a jerk but
you end up losing many girls after the first date then chances are you are sending off a
'jerk' vibe that is scaring them away.
If you think being a jerk gets the girl then think again! A bad boy gets the girl. Being a
jerk is different than being a
bad boy. A bad boy is intriguing and inviting while a jerk is
offensive and annoying.
Very few women are attracted to a jerk. The only women who may stick around are the
ones with low self-esteem or other issues that take away their ability to pick a guy who
is really good for them. Those are not the girls you want to be with. The relationship will
almost always end in a quick break up, and if it does survive for a period of time then it
will be an unpleasant
relationship at best.
So how do you know if you are giving off the jerk vibe? Be honest with yourself and see
if any of the following traits describe you in your interactions with women.
The Conversation is All About You
If you are really good at talking about
yourself but really bad at listening to what
she is saying about herself then you will be
labelled as a jerk.
Women find men who don't listen to them
self-absorbed which is a classic sign of a
Girls feel close to other people through
talking and listening. If you can't lend her
an ear to talk about herself, if you interrupt
her while she's talking and start talking
about yourself, or if you don't even let her
get a word in edgewise, then you will cut
any ties of closeness she feels towards you
and become a jerk in her eyes.
Very few women are attracted to a jerk
You Make Fun of Her Feelings
woman wants a man who sympathizes with her and validates her feelings. You may
think that her crying about her dog passing away is silly but if you tell her that then you
will become an instant jerk to her.
Keep in mind that this doesn't have to be a verbal gesture. If you even look like you are
not validating her feelings then she will view you as a jerk. Many guys are not aware of
body language, so you may want to learn what your body language is actually
telling the opposite sex.
You Talk About or Look at Other Girls Constantly
She is not thinking about you being with other girls when she is with you. She is thinking
about you and her getting together. If you add other girls into her thoughts by
constantly showing your interest in them then eventually she's going to see you as a
jerk who is not interested in just her but rather every girl who walks this planet. You
don't want her to think that!
No girl wants a guy who is semi-interested in them. Many girls have bad experiences
with jerks who cheat on them or play the field and hurt them in the process. If you like
her then keep your eyes on her only and don't talk about how hot that girl at work is.
You Put Her Down
If she says that she wants to be an astronaut and you tell her that she will probably
never be one, then she will see you as a jerk. You are putting down her dreams and
goals and making her feel bad about herself. What kind of decent guy does that?
A guy of interest to her is going to uplift her and push her towards her dreams, not tell
her that she will never reach them. It doesn't matter if it is about something she is
doing tomorrow or something she has planned for ten years from now, you should
support her life and her decision in it.
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