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5 Possible Reasons You Are Still Single
When You Know You Don't Stink
Still single? Not sure why you can't seem to find that special someone? Do you go on
date after date only to find yourself never hearing back from your dates? There may be
something going on that you are not aware of. In fact, the
chances of you doing
something wrong are pretty much one hundred percent at this point, because if you
were doing something right then you wouldn't be single.
Being single is not a bad thing, but scaring away every potential love interest is. Even
though you may be taking a shower before your dates, using your best smelling perfume
or cologne, and
dressing yourself in your best clothes, there may be something wrong
with your personality that your dates are seeing in you.
The guy eats nails deep in thought
1. Focused on Yourself
Do you
focus on yourself during the date? You
may not even be aware that you are doing this!
Try to think back to the conversations that you
have on dates. Do you have a hard time
remembering anything that anyone has ever said?
If so, then you may be focusing completely on
yourself during the date and not really listening
to what your date has to say.
The problem is that we can listen to someone
talk but not really listen. Instead we are
preparing what we are going to say about
ourselves regarding what they are talking about and quickly add our story into the
conversation as soon as they are done, sometimes before they even finish talking.
Try focusing on what your date is saying and responding with a statement about what
they are saying or a question to elaborate on what they are saying. This will make them
feel as though you give a damn about them and will make them more interested in
continuing to talk you on a second date.
2. Your Unique
You may be different from most people and that can turn a lot of people off. If you like
star trek, crunching numbers, or talking about manifestation and law of attraction, then
you may not be everyone's cup of tea. In fact, you may have them deciding that they
don't want a second date before the main course comes. This isn't a bad thing though!
Unique people are my personal favorite people out there. They view the world just a
little bit different from everyone else and therefore they have a lot to add to this world
and to a relationship with a mutually understanding person.
The problem is not your attitude in this case but the people you are finding. Instead of
picking up girls or guys that everyone else says are the best of the best try finding
someone who fits your likes, beliefs, and goals in life. Look online at a dating site that
caters to people with the same interests or go to functions that interest you.
3. You Have an Annoying Habit
Maybe you say 'um' every second word or maybe
you slurp your soup while you eat. These types of
things can drive some people nuts and they may
not have the patience to put up with an obvious
annoying habit right from the beginning. The
problem is that these habits are a part of you and
you may not be aware of them.
The guy eats a pencil
In this case you are going to have to ask your friends or people you know well to be
honest with you and tell you if you have any annoying habits that they can think of.
Tell them you won't be mad with them and let them know they are helping you get out
of single land - they should be willing to help you out and be honest at that point.
4. You Have a Negative Tone To You
Negative people are not attractive, yet we tend to focus our conversations on the
negative aspects of our lives. Think about the last time you talked to a stranger. The
conversation was probably regarding the long line up, annoying surroundings, or some
other complaint that you found mutually annoying.
Your dates don't want to converse about your complaints. They want to know what
positive things you have to offer them and why they should get involved in a
relationship with you. If you find yourself spending more than 1% of your conversation
complaining then you may want to practice a more positive tone of talking. You will be
instantly more likeable.
5. You Are Too Honest
One reason could be your honesty. You may have a habit of being really honest and you
think this a sought after trait - which it is, but when it comes to your dates you can
really hurt their feelings if you are too blunt and honest.
An example would be if your date tells you that they should exercise more and you
agree. Agreeing that they should exercise more is sending them a bunch of different
messages. One message may be that you think they are out of shape. Another message
may be that you are judging them and their lack of commitment. It's really up to their
imagination and insecurities, but either way you are going to make them feel bad which
will not bring about good feelings towards you!
So if you find your date giving looks of hurt or anger after you say something, then you
may want to rethink about how you respond to people and their comments. Always try
to make your date feel better about themselves and not worse because - really, who
wants to be with someone who makes them feel bad?
Bellaisa Filippis 
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Andy G 2012-06-18 07:29:50
I put it down to the fact that I do something wrong, I don't or should I say didn't know what, I don't concentrate on myself, I don't smell, I'm not aware of any annoying habits that I may have had at the time, but I have always looked much oder than I am, over here it's looks & money that count & as I don't have either, that didn't help (nor the medical reasons although no relationship has ever got that far), I haven't given up, but I'm now 45, at present I'm in no position to attempt to look for a relationship, but maybe one day, who knows?

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Green 2012-06-18 10:32:49
No one knows. Except you. You know, but pretend as if you don't know. It's just a fear of yourself.

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