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About Russian people. Why don't they smile?
Russian men and women really are much less smiling than most nations of the West
and East. For the Russian communicative behavior it is distinctive not to smile, that
stands as one of the most prominent nationally specific features of Russian
There are the following national features of Russian smile.
The smile in Russian communication is not a signal of politeness. In the western
communicative behavior the smile primarily is a signal of politeness, so it is obligatory
when greeting and during the polite conversation. Russian writers have repeatedly
drawn attention to the difference between Russian and American smiles, describing the
American's as a strange and the artificial smile for the Russian people.
In the West, the smile when greeting
means, above all the courteous of the
greeting. In Russian the smile 'for
politeness' or 'as a matter of courtesy' is
just not accepted, and even the opposite,
a Russian takes  the polite smile usually
with wary or even hostility: the Russian
phrase, "he smiled ex comitate", contains a
disapproving attitude to the man.
Russian people call a permanent polite smile
'a smile on duty', it is considered a bad sign
of man, a manifestation of his dishonesty,
secrecy, unwillingness to reveal his true
feelings. In Russian communication it is not
done to smile at strangers.
Smile in Russian communication is
addressed mostly to familiar people. That's
why saleswomen are not smiling at buyers,
Smiling Russian woman
they do not know them. Russian shop assistant will be smiling at familiar buyers. In
Russian it is not accepted automatically to smile in respond of a smile.
American, had wrote in "Izvestia": "Somehow, when we look at the customs officer,
who checks our passports, and smile at him, we never get a smile in return. When we
meet somone's eyes of Russian people on the street and smile at them, we never get a
smile in response." This observation is true: if a stranger has smiled at Russian, this will
rather encourage Russian to search for the cause of a smile addressed him, than
prompt to reply to a stranger with a smile. Often question in such situations is: "what,
we are familiar?"
Russian people also not always smile automatically in response of a familiar person's
smile, rather it is seen as invitation to come into contact, in conversation. Russian
smile is a signal of personal location-to-person.
Russian smile shows the person to whom it is addressed, that smiling man cherishes
kindly feelings for him. A smile shows a sympathy. That is why Russian smile only at
friends, a stranger has no personal sympathy.
In Russian smile is not accepted while on duty, carrying out any serious case.
Customs officers do not smile as they are busy with a serious matter. Merchants and
waiters - too. This feature of Russian smile is unique.
It is not taken that the children to smile in classes. Russian adults teach children: not
grinning, be serious in school and during homework, when you talk to eldests. One of
the most common teacher's telling-off in Russian school: why smiling, you do write!
Russian smile is meant to be just honest, it is regarded as a sincere expression of good
mood, or sympathy with the interlocutor. If the reason of someone's smiles is unclear
for Russian, it could cause him serious concern.
In the Russian language a unique saying is, which is absent in other languages: "If
someone laughs for no reason, then it is not all right with his head." People with a
Western mentality can not understand the logic of this saying. A German, who was
explained the meaning of this saying, could not understand it and kept asking: "why
this should be due to it?"
The reason of man's smile should be transparent, understandable to others. If there is
no a good mood or well-being, the Russian people most likely will not smile. A smile
should be appropriate in terms of others, to suit the situation. These are the main
features of Russian smile.
Everyday "keeping unsmiling" of Russian people can be explained by several reasons.
Russian communicative culture is characterized by sincerity and openness, collegiality.
Russian collective life suggests that each should know all about other, there shouldn't
be special secrets for others. Hence is the desire and the habit  not to hide his
feelings, his moods.
Saleswoman from one of Russia's stores hit a psychiatric hospital due to the fact that
the director smiled at her all the time. "Maybe I have shortfall," - girl tormented
constantly, and her head had turned with this. It's terrible to imagine what would be
with the director, if the above incident had occurred in United States.
According to his statement, all Russian women are reserved and cautious and there
is no need to blame them for this. Life in Russia is difficult; men are all drunkards and
women have to find their ways to survive.
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