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Bachelor life: 10 facts and myths about the microwave.
The Bachelor gets his lunch more often from the microwave than from the pan. So it
should be known a little more about the "faithful friend".
1. Myth: the explosion of iron dish.
There is a stubborn assertion that the iron
dish can trigger an explosion of high-power
(in fact, at worst, it will cause the damage
of the magnetron due to the arcing).
Microwave radiation can not penetrate into
the metal objects, so you can not cook
food in a metal container. Metal flatware
and spoons or forks, located in the oven
during heating, can only bring it down.
The microwave
2. Myth: about the German military origin of the microwave.
For the first time a microwave oven named "Radiomissor", was supposedly designed by
German scientists during World War II, it even allegedly used in the acting German
army, to heat the food, but it appeared unsafe, and was abandoned (herewith Russian
sites refer to the foreign sites and foreign ones refer to Russian studies, allegedly
carried out in non-existent Russian cities of Rajasthan and Kinsk).
3. Myth: microwave leads to the loss of nutrients.
In fact, any cooking process results in the loss of nutrients and vitamins. The
microwave simply heats the food, and as a result there is a loss (evaporation and
decomposition, etc.) of substances.
4. Myth: about Allergy.
The myth of Allergy is as follows: the microwave oven can cause the allergy... for
electromagnetic waves.
5. Myth: the microwaves are radioactive.
The microwaves are not radioactive. They, like the sun, and the fire just heat the
food. Ovens emit micro waves, which cause a friction of water molecules (the dipole
shift), resulting in heat.
6. Myth: The food heating occurs from the inside.
There is a widespread opinion that the microwave oven heats food "from the inside
out." In fact, micro waves go from the outside inward, but they trapped in the outer
layers of the food. And the heating of evenly moist product is approximately the same
as in the conventional oven (to make sure this is enough to warm the boiled potatoes
in their skins, where a thin skin sufficiently protects the product from drying out).
Misconception is caused by the fact that the micro waves do not affect the dry
non-conductive materials, which are usually on the surface of products, and therefore
in some cases the heating starts from deep rather than for other ways of heating.
Grain mill products, for example, are warmed up "from inside", because the bread and
rolls have dried up crust outside, and most of the moisture is concentrated inside).
7. Fact: do not heat the eggs in a microwave.
In a microwave they must not be heated: the fluids in sealed containers and the
unbroken birds' eggs. Due to the strong evaporation of water inside them, there is
creating a high pressure and, consequently, they may explode. For the same reason it
is undesirable to much heat the sausage products encased in a plastic wrap.
8. Fact: the water in the microwave oven can be overheated.
Heating the water in the microwave, be careful - the water is able to overheat, that
is, to heat above the boiling point. Superheated liquid can get boiled almost instantly
from a careless movement. This applies not only to distilled water, but to any water
that contains few suspended particles. The more smooth the inner surface of a vessel
with water is, the higher the risk. If the the vessel has narrow neck, it is likely that at
the beginning of the boiling the superheated water will  pour out and burn hands.
9. Fact: the invention of the microwave was an
American engineer Percy Spencer has noticed for the first
time the ability of microwave radiation to heat the food
and patented the microwave. At the time of invention,
Spencer worked for Raytheon, a producer of equipment
for the radars. According to legend, when he
experimented with another magnetron, he has noticed
that a piece of chocolate in his pocket has melted. The
fantastic fiction of this is that he himself would have
received the mortal defeat from the micro waves.
According to another version, he noticed that the
sandwich, which he put on a working magnetron, became
hot. Perhaps the ground for the invention was just a burn,
but for commercial reasons it was not appropriate to spoil
the image of the device.
Woman  is cooking the dinner
10. Fact: the food cooked in the microwave is dead.
Any professional chef knows it. The cooking process should be accompanied by... good
mood and love! The Love Fluids are not empty words, and the food wich is prepared
by hand and with love, by its taste qualities and usefulness is much greater than the
dishes prepared "on the line".
Old bachelors are successfully resisting against public opinion, even if it is backed by
millennial traditions. How do they do it - is difficult to say.
Vice-President of Russian Association of sexologists, the therapist and psychiatrist Eugene
Kulgavchuk described the main types of bachelors. Sissy. Bachelor of his conviction. Lone
wolf. Responsible. Macho.
Almost all make mistakes early in life - a lack of experience is cause of many failed
marriages. Read carefully the tips  below, they will save you from a failed marriage.
First and foremost - never trust your feelings. Marriages for love are the most fragile. Vast
majority of men can not distinguish the love from infatuation. You should be approached the
problem of choosing a life partner with your cool head.
Searching a life partner on dating sites, we often find ourselves in the same position as a
buyer in a huge store with a large assortmentom. We face one and the same problem there -
the problem of choice...The clearest and simplest example, as well the training of the ability
to define your goals at the same time is finding the necessary clothing for you.
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