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Being Friends With The Jade.
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It is believed that most men like the weak,
defenseless women who you can nurse and take care
of like a child or pet. Recently, I suddenly realized
that my type is an impossible jade. And signs of
"jadeness" I can find in absolutely all girls ever
engaged me in life.
jade usually lies much, and throughout, even in
details, but in the early moments of familiarity for
some reason I have no desire to catch her at it, and
afterwards the same do not have it but because of fear
of losing her.
Time, place and length of communicating with you
again, are strictly limited by her. It remains the phone,
but during a conversation with you, she may
carelessly fling out sort of: "someone came down to
me, I am busy now, I will give you a call later", and
then hang up without waiting for a farewell reply. And
what she is currently busy with and who came to her,
you can not even try to find out, and if she suddenly
will say something like the truth, it still raises the
unpleasant feeling that you are deceived. At three PM,
realizing finally that having to wait is useless "Your
line was busy", even if you had stared at the phone all
the time, you can go to bed with a firm idea that 
Anfisa Chekhova most beautiful jade
Anfisa Chekhova
tomorrow you will have enough force to break definitively with her.
Normally, such a relationship, I can not withstand more than a month, then it has a place of serious
conversation with the subject of my misery, after which she does not give me calls "to welcome" any
longer, and I blur out her number from memory on the phone.
And I will say honestly - I'm not a masochist and to the assertion that when a person is crying - any
harmful acids are removed from his body and some useful compounds are formed, I treat with a high
degree of doubt. So what remains for me? Life to be sad with lots of useful compounds in the body, or
two packings of sleeping-pills and a bath of warm water?
Not long ago I found a way out of the impasse - you can be friends with the jade!
And this friendship will be no more than there is in the word "friendship". The most important thing is
to convey to her that she is "the best event in your life", then you can start to walk all over her, not
forgetting at the same time to prove your love and attachment to her. And if life attitudes or moral
principles are strong for you, which deterrent solid material attachments, you can do it with words, by
the same phone in the end.
Create the non-existent violent life around you, with many urgent cases, meetings and problems that
you as a strong personality, will surely solve yourself, not devoting to them your girlfriend. It is enough
to convince her in existence of this very virtual life, not going into details. If you already have the same
life, then you are unlikely to read down to this place - just have no time.
Persuade her that you clearly know when and what do you want from the life, for example, you just
need to swim kilometer before sleep, to have a cup of green tea or read a few pages of the book, the
author of which no one understands. And the first thing you have to do in the morning is to roll about
green grass, absorbing a positive bioenergy. Make more obscure utterances with hidden meaning,
that simply is not possible to understand clearly. Frequently change the topic of conversation,
especially when your girlfriend is discussing something important to her, and you are wanted to give
your opinion on the matter. At the end, make an appointment at which simply do not come, after
disabling the phone "battery is flat". The next day, call her and  mention as if in passing apologize for
yesterday, and the more unlikely to be the cause, the better. Appoint a new meeting on which will
belate - let her be nervous a bit.
Someone will think why so a strain because of a jade, but what a deep sense of satisfaction you can
experience pressing the end of the conversation on the phone when on the other end of line you are
wished pleasant dreams, well being and success in tomorrow's affairs, etc.
After such a radical turning off the connection, she may even has a little crying: "I do love him, but he
appreciates me not", notice that previously the word "love" has not been associated with you. And
you can be sure - tomorrow she will call the first and struggle to demonstrate her affection and every
interest to you.
You can relax - YOU WON!
My current girlfriend is the most impossible of all jades I ever met, still remains to be it (just not with
me). We are very tied to each other, I may even love her, I still like to look at her when she sleeps, in
this moment she is like an angel. Although sometimes, feeling a slight sense of nostalgia, I slightly
(on the old habit) walk all over her, in retort for the past.
And finally I would say - I am not a sadist, I just like the jades like Anfisa Chekhova, because only a
very beautiful girl can afford to be her.
Tags: Marriage
Surely you're not surprised with the fact that Russian girls like indeed the girls of any
other nationality are a certain mixture of angel and devil. But this blend of Russian
girls has its national characteristics. Today I want to talk about Russian girls in terms
of their propensity to bitchiness (I think the word "jadishness" will suites better, so let
me use it hereinafter). And how this can be overcome successfully.
About a Russian woman it is so much written and said that the study, implying
systematisation and synthesis of many, many facts, evidence, statements about it,
can never be completed and therefore claim to objectivity. 
It is taken from Russian blog community LiveInternet, where Russians (living both
abroad and in Russia) discuss among themselves the subject of Russian women's
passion to sexy style of dressing. This is a direct translation, uncut and uncensored.
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