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Body language: how to figure out the deceiver.
The people who say "truth and nothing but the truth" do not exist, we all are lying about
200 times a day. Is it possible to identify a liar without degrading validation of the data and
the lie detector?
At least we can try. It is important to remember that there is no rule without exception, the
reddening and shyly hiding their eyes liars are extremely rare in our life, so it is worth
to be guided by the presence of not one but at least several signs at the same time.
fingers crossed behind
Body Language
All the people lie! The men lie, when discussing the
work, cars and their leisure time (read - "women").
The women lie, when it comes to their
age, weight,
and the shopping. Children also deceive, starting
from about 4 years old they lie consciously.
Read into the eyes.
To "fake" the look is hardest. Depending on where a
person looks when  remembering, one can 
understand if he/she does not cheat. The eye movement in the direction of "left-up"
indicates that the person is "constructing" the reality (ie, dreaming or lying), the movement
of the eyes in the direction of "right-up" means that he/she remembers what really
The girl is looking in right-up direction The girl is looking in the left-up direction
Pay attention to eye contact. Inexperienced liars prefer not to look into the eyes, while the
experienced, on the contrary, look in the face intently, not looking away.
A person whom knowingly nithing stuck in the eye, blinks an average of 20 times per
minute. If this person is lying, then the number of movements of the upper eyelid rises
up to 80-100 times.
Read into the words!
Very often, the liars, including those who got out of childhood, answer the question
exactly with the same words that they were asked. "You ate the candy bar?" - "No, I did
not eat the candy bar".
If a person does not want to lie, but he/she is not ready to share the truth, then he or
she will not give a direct answer to the question (for example, to make a joke or say
something sarcastic).
Premature explaining away also indicates that "something is wrong." If someone has
made long-winded explanation for why he has remembered some a detail, when nobody
asked about this, then it is a shady business.
A person who speaking the truth, as a rule, is changing a tempo and volume of the voice.
The pace quickens and the volume increases. The story of liar can rather be called
monotonous, quiet and often terse, there are no detailed descriptions.
In 90% of the cases the lie has lengthen the response time,  so that the answers to the
questions become slower, and there are more pauses between words.
Read into the movements of the hands and body.
Fingers tapping on the lips, or thoughtfully, rubbing the ear. These micro gestures can be
interpreted as a signal of lies. Be especially careful when it comes to nose! Anyone who
constantly touches it (unless the nose is itchy by some natural causes, such as allergies)
looks suspicious. When a person is lying, some chemical compounds release in the
body,  that irritates the nose and the nose really begins itchy.
The cheaters very often unconsciously try to build a "barricade" - a symbolic barrier
between them and the listeners. If someone recounting something, suddenly in the middle
of the conversation has put between you a thing that does not pertain to the story (book,
pencil, etc.), then it looks like he's lying.
A person who cheats, usually unconsciously tries to hide his hands while talking.
Hands every now and then touch the hair (winds the hair on finger, smooths hair,
removes the fringe from forehead) - the person either wants to cheat you or has a sexual
interest in you.
A man stuck his hands beyond a belt
"I do not like you!", - the man says, but at
the same time he stretches his hands (for
example, rests upon the railing or chair).
He's lying. This gesture symbolizes the
embrace. He also lies if he stuck his hands
beyond a belt or thrusting them into his
pockets, unconsciously drawing attention
to the genital area. Maybe he does not like
her, but she is exactly of his type.
"I really like to be here. How nice, that
you've invited me here" - says a young girl
when they met in the cafe. To see if she's
not lying, look at her feet. If the toes of her
shoes are pointing towards the exit - she is
deceiving you.
"It's very interesting, go on, please," - says
the boss, arms crossed and leaning back
in his chair. Do not flatter yourself, he
absolutely does not care to what you say.
When body language is at odds with the emotions
A facial expressions  of a person who cheats has a "lag". For example, he says, "Thank
you, how lovely!" and then smiles. If someone is really happy with gift, he smiles and
thanks you almost simultaneously.
insincere smile, usually is asymmetric, it touches only the lips and lasts longer than
Have you ever considered what your lack of volume is saying about you? Possibly in
days of old, a soft-spoken voice was considered feminine and endearing. Today,
however, with the number of women in business, a voice lacking in "normal" volume is
not an endearing quality. Unfortunately, it says that you lack confidence in yourself.
According to the women, the men with large lower jaw and small eyes are less suited
to the role of a long-term partner. 
Body language is universal and we tend to do a lot of common gestures daily no
matter who we are. Whether they are passed down from generation to generation or
they are just instinctual there's no denying that body language is a huge substitute for
speaking in many different situations, and much of the time they are more powerful
than words could ever be.
If you don't have your body reflect what you want and who you are, no matter what
you learn, it will be useless for you. You will learn exact body language to attract
women. When it comes to creating attraction in women, body language is definitely a
very crucial element to consider. Whatever you do to your physical appearance, if you
don't have this part handled, you will fail.
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