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Classification of bachelors.
Vice-President of Russian Association of sexologists, the therapist and psychiatrist
Eugene Kulgavchuk described the main types of
The first and most common type. Occurs when a strong custody or control of the
mother. Father is often absent or he is mild in nature. The results are corresponding.
There is a clear shortage of male education. Even having reached
old age, such a man is
fearful and helpless totally at home. He does not know how to behave with women,
because all of the first manifestations of feelings have been ruthlessly repressed. The
only hope to arrange a personal life is to shift this hard work to mom.
Bachelor of his conviction.
He believes this format of relationships is
beneficial because he does not want to assume
responsibility. Hundred-per-cent selfish person.
But even he sometimes is sad alone.
Lone wolf
A man who deliberately does not want to tie
the knot because he has a dangerous
profession (military, firefighter, astronaut).
Believes that you first need to build a house,
make a million, to become president... and then
to get married. Such attitudes cause involuntary
respect among men and women's reverence.
But actually it hides a low self-esteem.
A man in a light gray suit with no confidence in face, holding a hat
A man with an exaggerated role-playing behavior, which itself indicates that he is not
confident in his masculine role. Hence is the self-affirmation at the expense of women,
contempt for the fairer sex, aggressive behavior.

Happy couples are the object of macho's
frankly envy. He justifies his bachelor lifestyle
by the fact that the women which are worthy
to be his girlfriend, simply does not exist on
earth. At the same time, what happens often
enough, in heart he acknowledges that he is
unworthy of the family.
For him it is important the process of conquest.
Once a woman gave up he instantly loses the
zest for her. But who said that we should
surrender at discretion? A smart female
manipulator not only will drag the hunter kicking
and screaming to the altar, but bear him a
dozen children, and he still be guessing if he
won her or not.
With disabilities
self-confident man in dark glasses
Well what can I say? Homosexuality. Bizarre sexual fantasies. Getting married he was
never going to, under any circumstances. Yes, and then say, what kind of marriage and
the family may be involved when the sexual desire is directed not at a woman, but the
mustachioed colleague.
Old bachelors are successfully resisting against public opinion, even if it is backed by
millennial traditions. How do they do it - is difficult to say.
According to statistics, Russia today is home to over 20 million single men. And the
experts predict a rise of the number. What is the reason of bachelor boom? First, the
changed attitude to the unmarried men. Compared to the Soviet period, single men are
given more opportunities to build a career.
My "track record" of a bachelor life as a mature man is over two decades. My personal
experience for me is a credibility, so I can not share the views of journalists who write
about the advantages of bachelor life, praising this life-style in all ways. Why are they
doing this? There are many reasons, but one reason is the social order.
A man is young until he's all right with his erectile function. It is a fact. As a fact is that
the youth can be renewed at your will. The tool is as accessible as potent. It is your
desire plus a little labor. As a result, an erection of 18-years-old boy will be provided to
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Andy G 2012-06-06 17:41:01
I actually like this subject & I admit that I fall into some of these categories but not 100%. I will admit that I do get very nervous around women that I don't know, I don't know how to be around women, I like women, I'm not scared of them, I have some very good close lady friends. Since going back on the road, where I work long & unsociable hours & most in my trade are divorced (in some cases very bitter too) I haven't gone out of my way to get involved in a relationship & I will agree to wanting to have a home, not just a place that's strung together, I admit to fully refurbishing my home now to make it a comfortable living place, but that's because I have never had stability in my life, I would like to be able to offer that to someone else, macho, hunter no way

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