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   Curiosities With The Brides And Grooms
The Bride stuck in church door.
16 y.o. Bride from the town of Glochester ordered a wedding dress
such a lush that she had been unable to pass to the church.
Parents of Carley O'Brayen have paid over 25 thousand pounds for
the dress, which consisted of 30 layers of tissue, was decorated
with three thousands of artificial gems, had 18 - metre plume and
weighed 160 kilograms. Similar apparel the girl saw in the wedding
ceremony of her idol - glamorous British model Jordan.
The bride took nine hours to put on the dress before the wedding.
But when Carley with the skirt of 2.5 metres in width came to the
doors of church, she deadly stuck. It took the efforts of 20 guests,
who were able to push her inside in half an hour. They also help
the bride get to the altar. Over there the relieved bride said "yes"
to her 17 y.o. groom Michael Coffey, then he and 14 relatives
brought the bride out of the church on hand, because she could
not go herself from fatigue. After the ceremony, the sister of
Carley, Cristal, declared to gapers: "She wanted the wedding
dress more luxurious than of Jordan. Well, she got it!"
The Bride stuck in church door
British man, which over 30 years tried to get the hand of his beloved, died on the day of the
long-awaited wedding...
The best man discovered 73 y.o.  Stewart Karmicle lying dead on the floor in hotel room in the city of
Leeds, when he came to pick him up for the ceremony.  However, the broken-hearted bride did not
cancel the event. 60-year-old Liz, a former nurse, insisted that the guests came all the same, so that to
commemorate the deceased Stewart. Liz and Stewart were together since 1970-s. Stewart has
repeatedly offered to his lover to formalize their relations, but every time  woman has deferred marriage
and agreed to marry only now.
On the eve Stewart, a former businessman, spent a stag-party together with his friends ...
In  Michigan a man almost shot naked groom, who wanted
to prove the importance of the risk to his lover.
On Wednesday, a resident of the city of Ann-Arbor, walked along
with his girlfriend and discussed the plans for the wedding. But at
a some moment the girl said that she is not sure whether she
wants to marry. For this a devotee replied that the risk is an
important part of life and, in order to prove his point of view,
jumped naked from the first-floor window and started to run in
such a form along the street. Running, he noticed a young
naked groom
couple upcoming and for not to frighten people   decided to hide in the nearest bushes. However, a
28-years-old young man passing by noticed a strange perturbations in the bushes and  perceptible
through the leaves bare feet. He took out  his 9 mm calibre revolver and ordered the naked man to emerge
from hiding. Bridegroom refused to comply with the requirement and cleverly escape. The man with a gun
ran after him while threatening to use a weapon. He fired once into the air, the groom's bare legs gave way
from fear, and he fell and received minor bruises. The local residents led the police, who arrested an
armed man. He was taken to the police station, but then released. Police did not detain the groom, and
he did not bring any charges.
The bride and groom fight in the ring after the wedding
Professional boxers from St. Petersburg Nikolay Kibkalo and
Natalia Karpovich played a very unusual wedding. Immediately
after the announcement of the oath of loyalty the couple mounted
the ring and held several rounds, exchanged rather no joke
blows. Relatives and friends which presented at the wedding of
the newly-weds did not surprised. In doing so, 40-years-old
groom and 31-years-old bride at a wedding ceremony were in
traditional wedding rite costumes.
bride boxer
Bride in a curious wedding dress with huge cut.
"We decided to play the wedding in the ring because we just became acquainted during boxing
lessons. I think that there is something symbolic that we have played such an unusual wedding," - 
Nikolay Kibkalo said. He met Natalia five years ago and became her coach, making his future wife the
one of the most successful boxers in Russia among women. Natalia Karpovich came to professional
boxing after the death of her first husband, left alone with two children. "I thought that physical pain will
dull the mental pain" - Karpovich said. Maxim Nesterenko, one of the boxers who had attended the
wedding, said that he saw the most unusual wedding ceremony in his life. "I am confident that Nicholay
and Natalia will be very strong family. They like each other and share common interests," - he said.
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most important - they are not feeling unloved at the jokes against them. 
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