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Dating Beautiful Russian Women
There are a huge number of Russian women dating sites on the internet today. Since this has
become much more common, there are a number of con-men and scammers that you have to
watch out for.
The first step is to find a reputable Russian dating agency. There are a number of ways that you
can determine this. Of course, if your security program flags one of these sites as dangerous, or
potentially dangerous, it is probably best to move on.
Next, look at the site itself. If there is nudity, or even an over-abundance of bikini-style photos, it is
probably not a place you should be. At least not if you are serious about finding a Russian wife.
Look a little deeper into the site. Do they have a sufficient number of ladies profiled? At least
several hundred.
Look at their FAQs section. Are their services and prices clearly stated and spelled out? Do they
have any membership options? What about payment? If they only offer payment via Western Union
(or another wire service), move on! Real-time credit card processing is pretty expensive and hard to
come by for a lot of Russian dating services. If they have this, it is probably above board.
It would be better if the agency was based in the US or another western country. At least this way
you would be sure that any refund policies will be adhered to. If you are dealing with a foreign
company, how can you be sure that you will be protected. There are several large and well-run
American based agencies.
What else do you see on the site? Are there articles or information designed to help and give you
advice on the process of meeting Russian women for marriage? Is this information actually helpful,
or just a straight plug for using their particular services?
Be careful with places that promise you can meet and marry women 20, 30 or even more years
younger than you. Of course, most agencies do try to play into this myth, so allow some leeway
on this point. Just as long as you remember not to lose your head! Hopefully, the site does not
promise that the first woman you make contact with will be the one for you. We all know that real
relationships do not work like that.
You also need to find some way to verify that the women actually are who they claim to be. One of
the more common scams in this business is for a person (or an agency in some cases) to put up
photos of someone else. Once they have made contact with a foreign man, they will try to web you
in, maybe even making promises that they are already in love with you and can come to meet you.
Then they will ask for some money to help with the expenses of coming to see you. Do not fall for
Instead, see what helps the agency offers you in terms of verification. Do they offer some kind of
live video chat or communication? This would be great and you could be sure that at least the
woman in the picture on the site is actually a real person!
You also want to find out how the agency verifies the woman is who she claims to be. The best
actually insist on meeting the woman in person, or (in the case of a larger agency network) they
examine scanned copies of the Russian woman passport and other documents. These are good
Finding your perfect match, wherever you are searching, requires effort. Especially when trying to
find a Russian wife, it requires a lot of common sense. A good rule to follow is asking yourself the
following question: if this woman was from my own country instead of Russia/Ukraine, etc... would
I be doing things differently? Do not just automatically assume cultural differences as the reason
for doing things differently. Remember, women are still women.
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Dating Beautiful Russian Women
Brief instruction to those who are going to marry.
Minimum hundred million of educated women of reproductive age was left in the
demographic lane. Of course, some of them were lucky - they had the beloved one's,
husbands or just boyfriends. But there are appeared the huge groups of those who
had lack of men, because all - the best and the worst of them were already occupied.
I often talked with many Russian girls which came to our marriage and matchmaking
agency. I asked them one and the same question. "Why do you want to marry
foreigner?" Some of them wanted to find "their only" man. To search for one with
whom the girl feels well and comfortably, to find their "another half". These girls are
ready to meet both  Russians, and Western men as well. 
Too many girls do not take into account the difference between psychological habits
of Russian and Western men. Russian girl does not give adequate priority to this fact
and operates with the principle of "my prince will find me all the same". She does not
try to appear on Web-public in all her glory although in common life before to go out
she will look in the mirror not less then hundred times. 
It is true that Russian brides are getting popularity among males all over the world.
The reason is simple. In most cases, Russian brides have proven to be trustworthy,
sincere, honest and loyal to their partners and hence have been successful in
maintaining a relationship without facing much impediment in their way. Also not to
mention the fact that Russian girls are a paramount of beauty.
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