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Internet is the most democratic environment. There is no
censorship and it does not require any documents for
opening email address or registration at the site.
Therefore the Internet has become not only a convenient
means of
communication but also a fertile breeding
ground for various fraudsters and swindlers as well.
The most common type of gamblers are the so-called "
scammers". Most of the time they call money for a
ticket from their "lover" because they crave to visit them.
But there are more imaginative persons. When all is
supposedly ready to leave, all the necessary documents
and tickets are available in hands, suddenly their mother
falls ill, they need the money to care for her, or they find
themselves in debt bondage, accidentally breaking
someone's expensive car. Then the bid can grow up to
five thousand dollars or more.
Despite our warnings never to send even few money to strangers, some people did this being
caught in a trap. Reading inciting letters, lustily looking at the
nice girls photographs and
anticipating skillfully drawn prospects of fortunately joint the man loses his vigilant. He
never could have imagined that behind the sensual photographs of a sweet girl could any
hidden person appear of any age and even gender.
It would be unfair to say that females exclusively trade on the grounds of fraud in Dating
marriage. We know cases when men come to Russia, and allegedly disappeared his credit card.
Girls lost all caution because of men's charm or suggestive prospects, obtained the money
for their operating costs and for the back way. Men swear promised to send money immediately
after arriving home. Of coarse they didn't send money, and the girls stay with their broken
hopes and even with the debt.
Swindlers well studied the human's psychology. They are well masking and making skilful
manipulate of people. Nevertheless, there are some details that reveals them sometimes.
About 10-15 years ago, when the Internet was still fancy in Russia, people used to
acquaints  through the announcements in the newspapers. Paid ads were fairly expensive, but
free ones were severely limited in volume. And how many things people would like to write
about themselves, so that to get acquainted with whom you dream! Thus a specific language
emerged, which contained a lot of acronyms and abbreviations for the sake of economy of
space. Many of which still remain a mystery to me.
But one detail caught my attention even then. Among the many abbreviations sort of "with the
p/v" (personal vehicle), and "without h/h" (without harmful habits - were meant alcohol,
smoking, etc.) sometimes such words slipped in which people didn't save the marks. These
words were "respectable", "honest" or "search for respectable", "looking for honest". I
tried to understand what these people have in mind, using terms like these.  Killed nobody?
No looting? Did not rape? Do they believe that elementary human decency is so unique
quality, that it is necessary to write specifically about? Yet no one mentions, for example,
that he had only one head or he has no tail!
In psychology, there is the concept of projection. Without going into rigorous academic
identities, let me explain that projection is the shifting  of our inner fears, desires,
assessments to the outside world. In particular, it is a perception of the other person
according to your own image and likeness. You expect that a man as behave as you can afford.
No one is completely free of the projections. Those who suspect others in a potential
deception themselves prone to deception in a greater extent. And indeed honest and decent
people are pathologically gullible. It often is used by swindlers and scammers.
In the age of computers and  Internet, people communicate on specific sites and in chat
rooms, and newspaper ads on the Dating gradually left to the past. But it does not mean that
the people themselves have changed fundamentally. Sometimes in questionnaires and emails 
the same "honest" and "decent" are found.
Take reasonable precautions. Beware of those who noisily sharpen attention to the integrity
and decency, both their own and yours! 
One of the concerns are scammers. It has long been crammed nauseam that the scammer is
the evil which must be ruthlessly fought. Now I'll try to explain that this is not the case...Black
List actually consists of the names of real people who have never engaged in fraud. So what is
the point to look for the truth about a person there?
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Online dating scams have been an issue for singles who need to pay attention too. It is very
easy to recognize whether he or she is a scam or not. Every day, more and more singles join
paid and free dating sites to find love online. Thousands of happy relationships and marriages
are created from such dating websites.
Are Russian brides true or scam? Russian brides are TRUE! Unfortunately, there is always
someone ready to empty the pockets of men who are overly eager for romantic adventures.
Keep your eyes and ears open, so to say. Here are some stats about Russian scam brides:
0.1% of all applicants submitting their information to the Russian dating services are
The people who say "truth and nothing but the truth" does not exist, we all are lying about 200
times a day. Is it possible to identify a liar without degrading validation of the data and the lie
detector? Body Language
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