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Do I Need Pre Marriage Counseling?
Tags: Marriage
Skill-building and education will equip you and your mate with the right tools to succeed
in your relationship. Following decades of extensive interpersonal behavioral research,
licensed professional counselors are extremely knowledgeable regarding what makes
people tick, how people respond to crisis and how couples can foster greater
communication and satisfaction in their marriages. Before you tie the knot, you may be
required to attend or may choose to attend pre marriage counseling or seminars to learn
everything you can about the challenges (and rewards!) that lie ahead.
The question of when to seek marriage counseling before the big day may be dicey. It's
sort of like a prenuptial, which some people may find offensive or as admonishing the
fact that "Hey things may not work out as planned!" As the practice of counseling for
couples becomes more widespread, this becomes less an issue, though. To help guide
you, the California Association for Marriage Family Therapists came up with several
If you're young and have never married, then go! If one partner is
"commitment-o-phobic," then go! If there are unresolved issues regarding money,
parenting, household responsibilities, work or sex, then go! If one or more partners have
had a previously failed marriage, go!
If you feel you'd like added conflict resolution skills, go! Lastly, if there has been a
history of childhood or domestic abuse, go! Sometimes these seemingly minor obstacles
can become full-blown catastrophes later, so it's important that they're addressed early
and professionally.
Generally when you go for pre marriage counseling, you'll develop a rapport with the
family marriage counselor and you'll be given the Pre Marital Inventory (PMI) test. This
quiz will examine areas such as interests and activities, role expectations, personal
adjustment, interpersonal communication, religious philosophy, marriage expectations,
family issues, finances, children and parenting, and sexuality. The purpose of this test is
not to tell you whether to get married or not, but rather to identify strengths and
weaknesses, arming you with the tools you'll need to make it through your marriage
Often, we come into a new marriage with many false conceptions, which is one of the
reasons why pre marriage counseling is so important. One of the most common marriage
myths is that love and luck are the keys to a lasting marriage, when in reality
commitment and companionship are far more significant.
Also, couples feel if they live together and give it a "test drive," they'll be more likely to
get married, which is false. Having children will not always bring a couple closer together
or patch up existing problems, either. In fact, parenthood comes with a whole new set
of issues.
It is also untrue that married people have less than thrilling sex lives and that married
people are guaranteed to be happier than marriages from 20-30 years ago. Balancing
expectations is just one area of Christian marriage counseling.
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Tags: Marriage
Even single people who have great sex links with a regular partner usually receive much
less emotional pleasure than marital people do. And a few lines about normal salary.
Wed people definitely have twice or even more salary comparing with single or separated
With more and more couples choosing to marry outside of churches and create
innovative ceremonies that reflect their own personal love story, it is often a struggle to
balance the more traditional religious beliefs of older family members.
A married woman is one who has settled in wedlock. This means that they have a
husband and in many cases, children who then make up a family. A married woman is
not free to see or date other men because she is dedicated and committed to one
husband. The institution of marriage started a very long time ago...
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