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Erection without drugs. Urological auto-massage.
How to become a sex machine, running 25 hours a day
A man is young until he's all right with his erectile function. It is a fact. Also the fact is
that the youth can be renewed at your will. The tool is as accessible as potent. It is
your desire plus a little labor. As a result, an erection of 18-years-old boy will be
provided to you.
The sexual attraction is a mighty instinct! It is given us by nature
for procreation. Our task is to awaken the strength of sexual
energy and to learn how to manage it. Thus, you will get a huge,
inexhaustible potential, for the sexuality and the successful
creation are one and the same! Even in ancient times the power
of this force was frightening, and many states turned to the
system of sexual taboos, sometimes burning the "evil and sin"
with the inquisitorial methods.
Sex in ancient China, has always been a part of the order of
nature. The proponents of the teachings of Tao never connected
it with a sense of sin or a violation of morality. This led to the
fact that the sexual life in ancient China was generally healthy,
free from prejudice and bigotry, and the result is known to you.
To date, the Chinese make up one sixth of the world's population.
Taoism - an ancient philosophy of patience and harmony. Tao
translated into English language means "the way". The essence of
teaching lies in the fact that when people will learn to fuse and
be in harmony with the inexhaustible forces of nature, then they
will live happily ever after.
Exercises designed to restore and strengthen male potency.
Mirzakarim Norbekov
 Mirzakarim Norbekov. Doctor of psychology,
pedagogy, medical
philosophy, professor,
active member and
corresponding member
of a number of Russian
and foreign academies,
writer, founder and
President of "Norbekov's
Institute". Also painter,
Sam-Chon-Do 9 dan
black belt and Kyokushin
kaikan 3 dan black belt
These simple exercises are taken from a unique system of academician Norbekov (self-healing of a man), they give 100% result, regardless of age and belief in success.
The presence of the result (an erection at any time when you want to) depends only
on the availability of action. If you do - you get the result. If you do sloth, well, see a
magic pill. To achieve the desired result, the man should do:
Space rocket to ready for takeoff
1. Daily (twice or three times a day), lying on back,
to strain and relax the anus muscles (this exercise is
to be done up to 50 times, spending for each
muscles contract a few seconds).
2. Perform the same, but in the knee-elbow position
(kneeling, leaning the elbows on the floor, head
down, body is relaxed). It is advisable to gradually
increase the speed of random fluctuations of the
anus and try to bring it to one fluctuation per
second (on the count of "one-two", "one-two", etc)
3. Once, at a will to interrupt an urination, and to remember which muscles were
involved in this, and then to learn to work with these muscles as well as muscles of
anus, that is to arbitrarily contract muscles. (To do up to 40 fluctuations, daily rate
3-5 times a day, after 5-6 days you can make a break for 2 days.)
4. To direct an energy ball of heat in the area of the bladder (urethra, anus, tailbone)
in accordance with the basic rules of
system of Norbekov. Heat energy can be
combined with the tingling, then you can work with rhigosis, rhigosis plus tingling.
(Hold the sensations for 15-20 seconds , repeat 10 times.)
5. Perform the massage of scrotum and testicles: simultaneously compress the
testicles with the palms until a light pain. (Repeat daily as many times as your age is).
As you can see, the exercises are very simple. But do not be afraid of this simplicity.
Try it, and the result will stun you. What would you attemt to do if you knew you
could not fail?
And this is the case.
The quality of the man's life is changing, he can enjoy the "spontaneity relationship" (this is
especially pleased because the urologists have found that the fact of erection stimulates the next
erection). The latest treatments help men to find a free choice of the moment of intimacy and the
self-confidence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Sex is able to heal of the flu and colds. Sex is rather better than the Cosmetologist's room. In the
course of study in Edinburgh Royal Hospital the group of experts reviewed the people of various
ages through unilateral mirror...
If you have concerns about your erections, ask yourself the following questions. Before you seek
help it is important to determine the origin of your condition:  Do you have an erection at least
once a week when you wake up in the morning? The answer to this question is important
because it indicates whether your problem is psychological or physical.
Testosterone is the hormone that gives men their male characteristics and features. Its production
begins dropping after the age of 30 and leads to what is called Andropause or the male form of
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