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Five Tips For Successful Communication
With Women On Dating Websites
One thing you must understand is that it is good to be a woman when dating online. Women get
dozens of messages almost every day from admirers who want to date them, especially if they
have a
photo on their profile and they are cute.
If she begins to
communicate with you, that's because you have somehow sparked her interest.
Once you have her attention, you'll want to get the conversation going, since you know that she
has messages from many others admirers waiting in her in-box.
Here are five tips on how to successfully communicate with women on the Internet.
Find out what sparks her interest. Like I said, if she replied to your message it is because you
have somehow got her interested in you. So the
first thing you can do is to try to find out what
triggered her interest.
It might be something that you wrote to her, or maybe something she saw in your profile. Read the
reply she has sent you over again, and try to read in between the lines. That will give you some
clues as to why she replied to you. Once you find out what it is, use it to your advantage.
Write about something she can agree with. Keep writing about things she can agree with. You can
find out from her profile what she likes and does not like. For example, if you are a fan of
science-fiction movies or horror movies, do not talk to her about your passion unless you know for
sure that she also likes that type of movie.
The bottom line is, before engaging in any topic of conversation, try to know what her position is
about it, and direct the conversation accordingly.
Avoid talking about sex. When you're getting to know a woman on the Internet, avoid talking about
sex too early in the relationship unless she begins to talk about it first. If you just go ahead and try
to approach her with the topic of sex, she will probably just stop replying to you right then and
there. Make sure you have a good rapport with her first, or wait for her to bring up the subject.
Don't insist on getting pictures. I have personally never had a hard time getting photos from a
woman on the Internet, and lots of them already have one on their profiles. However, if she does
not agree to send you additional photos or if she is not comfortable sharing one at all, do not
insist. That will just turn her off, and it might reinforce her feelings about not wanting to send any
pictures to you in the first place.
You should definitely ask her politely for a photo if she does not have one on her profile. If she
refuses, just respect her decision; you might be surprised about how fast she will change her mind.
Be honest. It is really important to be honest when communicating with women online as well as
offline. No one likes to deal with a liar.
Since the contact on the Internet is virtual and not direct, that makes the interaction a bit
impersonal. Hidden behind a computer, anyone can pretend to be someone he or she is not.
Women are already suspicious about that. If you lie, you may have to explain your lies at a later
time. This can result in an uncomfortable situation that may turn her off.
You want to keep chance on your side. Let her get to know the real you. You will feel better about
yourself if you don't have to cover up for or justify your lies.
The one thing to remember is that women on dating websites, as opposed to men, get lots of
messages from admirers. Many men are successful with this and regularly get dates. The tips
above can help you be more effective on the Internet. Use them, and happy dating.
By: David Roy 
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David Roy has over ten years experience working for dating websites. He is a writer on  and the author of "How to Meet Women Online" . His practical guide
depicts a true view of online dating universe, and is designed to help men in meeting women
online. To learn more visit:
While chatting, observe how a person behaves. If he is trying to avoid chat games and
insisting you to get into a private mode of chatting, the person can be suspicious. If
the person is interested in you, he or she will be very excited to share with you such
amazing chat games. Let you two be friends and then only consider a further
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