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 Forty Percent Of Russian Women Adores Bald-Headed Men.
The Americans, known for their hypertrophied political correctness, thought of an euphemism to
describe a bald-headed man: "hair disadvantaged". So they (in their view) tactfully conceal a
compassion towards those unhappy, because a baldness is a kind of disease, which affects more than
30% of men. But do they actually suffer? You can not believe rumors, but statistics is an exact
science: for a variety of data, about 40% of
Russian women consider bald men attractive. It is
almost half the women! It is meant not only and not so much hairless shaved head, but for the most
part natural bald patch. Why it is so attractive to women?
Russian Girls Love Bald-Headed Men
A particular gene, as well as hormone is to
blame in balding. The hormone is not simple, but
of sex (testosterone), and the more of it the
bigger patch is. Everyone knows and remembers
everything about testosterone, but in a slightly
different context: the more testosterone in a man
- so he is more a man, has more sexuality.
Maybe, women are distant from the concept
of simple categorical syllogism, but reasoning on
the basis of these two suppositions are able to
do it: once you are bald - means you have
a lot
of testosterone
- means you're a good lover. No
matter, how much such a conclusion is correct,
but it clearly is liked by women.
Many Russian ladies are not aware of such
research, but they still are unabatedly attracted
to bald men. What is this?
Intuition? Looking at 
a bald, the woman immediately notes his pronounced top machismo. Real man does not need a
complicated hairstyle, as if it distracts him from something important, but then, the shorter the hair on
his head, the better and more legible and courageous image is. Perhaps this is too subjective
perception, but the fact that vast numbers of Russian women go simply mad of Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel
and Gosha Kutsenko - it is quite objectively. Representatives of the weak gender also like Ed Harris,
Jason Statham, Andre Agassi, Maxim Sukhanov and Alexander Rosenbaum. These celebrities are
unified by one thing - this is not the patch, but manhood. Of course, the point is not only in their hair,
but their absence adds to image some way of unprecedented force.
Yes, force exactly! In the eyes of many women a bald man is deprived of fears and complexes man.
After all, noticing signs of his balding, he did not ran to the clinic for hair transplants and did not rush to
buy a chignon. He either proudly and courageously "wears" this bald patch or totally removes the
remaining hair, demonstrating, thus, his determination and will. He does not grieve for irrevocably gone
hair, he is not afraid to show all his smooth shiny patch...
There are women, who connects the rarity of hair on the head with the men's rare talent and
intelligence of its holder: say, a lot of thinking - that's why hair gone. But this is not the biggest
misconception - add glasses here, and it will turn out Moby - a talented musician and, moreover, Ph.D.
While someone associates the patch with intelligence, other - with the money. And somebody - with
the one and the other (syllogism again): once bald - hence he thinks - it means that he knows how to
make money. By the way, researchers also say on the relationship between hair loss and income,
they counted the largest number of bald  people among the financiers, bankers and lawyers...
Finally, the bald head - this is a very stylish. In order to make you sure it is enough to remember how
Fyodor Bondarchuk or Yegor Druzhinin look. By the way, the very men also began to realize that the
patch attaches to the exterior some sophistication. It turns out that today the haircut "zero" is in
fashion. To be true, it is chosen by men with already outlined a bald patch. Indeed, - nothing is better
than a miserable bald spot, surrounded by scrap of hair not yet endured. A person with chevelure a-la
N. Tsiskaridze will hardly comes to mind to shave voluntarily this very head. Although who knows what
awaits us (and indeed, men) in the future - humanity is progressing, moving toward maximum comfort.
A bald head, this is so convenient: nor dandruff, nor lice, nor wash, nor hair do you need; trim a bit
every three days, also rub clean from dust. Not in vain the fiction-futurists describe the future human as
a bald early on person.
Modern fashion is good by its democratic and diversity - from a number of trends you choose those
that suit you. A head shaved like zero is far from any man. Of course, if he is actor, the hairstyle "zero"
may be dictated by the creative vision. Like, for example, the Irish actor Colin Farrell or Rammstein
vocalist Tily Lindemann, which were absolutely bald a few time. And, we must confess, these two
looked no better without hair. Therefore, better not commit so radical experiments with your hair just for
fun, and wear your patch wisely: for example, do not throw over thin straggle from one side of head to
another. And to ensure that shaved head remained the smooth and shiny, and not get covered with
terrible kind of bristles becoming a hairstyle, popularly known as "three days at large"...
In fact, the reasons why the representatives of excellent gender have a soft corner for bald men, are not
limited with specified. How many women - and so many reasons. In general, in the rating of what
women pay more attention in men, hair is at the bottom. Basically, the theme of men's appearance all
women reduce to one thing - essentially, that man would be good. Trite, of course, but let someone try
to argue that.
"Take care of men!" The famous slogan. What they need to be saved from? From the
sofa? Wicked women? Exactly! Men must be kept away from women. Actually, why
we need to take care of men? Are they really finches of endangered specie? Of course
not. In total they are well-fed types with a penchant for beer and the TV. Whether
moderately aggressive or not to the extent. Relatively intelligent (I said relatively!) and
not concerned about the idea, how would they care of their women. So why on earth
should I protect them?
The answer in my opinion is obvious. Who does not love it? And how it depends on the
belonging to some ethnic group? How is this possible - not to love the sex? So I
reasoned, from the position of an ordinary Russian woman. But the questions continue
to be asked by the doubter Western men, apparently, they suggest a possible
negative response (what if they don't?).
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Advantages of bald head.
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Andy G 2012-06-10 18:19:51
that counts me out as being attractive to a Russian lady, I have long hair!!! need I say any more?  :(

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Green 2012-06-10 18:35:07
Ha-ha! And why you don't remember about another 60%?  :)

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