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From The History Of Internet Dating. Getting started.
User is a friend of user.
And sometimes even more. The phrase "We met online" no
longer leads to enthusiastic trembling. At worst, they will
look at you as a little child, at best - will answer: "We too".
Only for 10 - 15 years the virtual acquaintances have
undergone a serious evolution.
Dating sites have not been
only commonplace means to meet and even find a real
husband, but constantly are improving, offering its users
more flexible, convenient, and most importantly, reliable
methods of communication. Nowadays to seek
acquaintance on  specialized Internet sites, means to be at
a less risk of fraud than if acquainted on  forums.
Internet Dating
Internet dating  has its roots. Like any offspring of progress it nascent spontaneously (like the Internet
itself) and it was preceded by forms of communication, based on advanced for its time other technical
Technology: acquaintance by the phone.
I have a hazy recollection of a Soviet song, lyric hero of which, complains that to combat a loneliness
and to prevent depression, he dialed a number at random, run up on a very pleasant lady, talked with
her, said bye-bye, but what a number had dialed - forgot. The method of depressed clumsy guy was
adopted by: the very first instrument of the virtual dating was phone.
There were amateurs and professionals who had practiced
this method. In fans' life,  two or three telephone dates were
just amusing episodes. "Professionals" (mostly young pale
men with burning eyes) approached to the issue thoroughly:
they torn a strip off telephone books of their friends and
buddies (that was in case to whom refer) and outlined a list
of the victims. The list identified the names, telephone
numbers, interests, preferences and details of biography of
each telephone subscriber so that not to confuse
How it happened: in telephone dating all depends either on
a charm of caller, or on his perseverance. Some "victim" got
into the habit of every-evening telephone "dose" not worse
than to watch regular series of "Santa Barbara".
Phone Dating
Where is the danger: worth nothing to take seriously a phone chatterbox, despite the apparent
convergence and commonality of interests. The more so, to hold any hope on him. For the caller
most important - to create an interesting image in listener's opinion. That is why the "professionals of
phone cases" rarely insisted on meetings.
Technology: chat familiarity
Once the Internet became more or less accessible to the masses, epidemic infatuation of chat rooms
began. It is now chat is "fie", a low genre. Formerly in chat rooms could be found very entertaining
personalities. In addition, with time in chats became possible to cluster together the parties on issues
of your interests, preferably not very exotic.
How it happened: we choose chat, preferably more crowded, record our own nickname - and include
in understanding conversation. We could seclude to privacy for private conversation with liked user.
Meetings can happen, of course, and one to one, but more often monthly or weekly gatherings of "all
collective farm" practiced - exactly where the vast majority of chat romances were stroked up,
sometimes even ended with marriages, sometimes even happy.
Where is the danger: if you now will want to revive the good old tradition, then be prepared that in
chat rooms now young lovers of beer and courtyard company sittings are. All more or less interesting
audience moved to a new virtual spot - LJ ( "Live Journal"). The Last Mohicans which maintain the
traditions, remain the Visitors of thematic portals on poetry type. They meet once a week to show
their creativity and to desecrate someone else's.
Technology: acquaintance in the Live Journal
Today, to have account on a blog, to say easier, keep a diary network - is a rule of good tone. As well
from time to time to carry out "de-virtualization", to meet with readers.
How it happens: to start you need to create a magazine and to write something there: "How I spent
the summer" or "What I hate the fascists for". Then you need to subscribe to the journals that you
plan to read and comment. And then - to track your own readers and commentators. The charm of
reference the blog is that the author himself asks the topic of conversation, himself looks for
interlocutors on interest and himself organizes community he likes. 
Where is the danger: from a deep immersion into LJ you can languish severely and forget that the
text and its author - they are, as they say in Odessa, two large differences. And to experience great
disappointment when personal meeting.
Sms Chat
Technology: sms-dating
Sms-dating is a reincarnation of chats after they finally got out of
fashion, and the population one and all got mobile phones.
Despite the fact that the principle of anonymity of interlocutor is
also preserved in the sms-dating, roughly to calculate the gender,
age and level of intelligence of action participants is not so
difficult. Age: 12 -18 years old, intelligence at the level of PTU
(trade school), is in back proportionality to age: the older
sms-chatter, the worse with the brain he should be. Otherwise
how does one explain the passion for sharing with nothing
significant messages?
The Sex of sms-interlocutor, of course, is difficult to calculate, but if the information on the age and
level of intelligence is available it is not so important any longer.
On the number, boosted by operator of mobile communications, anyone can send a message like
this "I am John. I love beer" and get a response, sort of something the same. You have a pleasure to
dig down to "who is who" and for the cellular operator is joy as well. Because each message is paid.
Where is the danger: first of all this type of communication no one can be absolutely fascinated
with. But if this did happen, do carefully monitor the status of your account on the phone and the
state of your level of intelligence as well. A romantic connection will likely not take place.
It only took a few decades after the invention of the modern newspaper in 1690 for the
new medium to become a way for people to meet in Britain. Matrimonial agencies were
big business there by the early 18th century, printing ads on behalf of men who paid the
agency to recruit them a good wife
.
Dating is not difficult. You guys don't have to work your asses off as long as you know
which buttons to push. First, as a woman myself, I want to tell you some small facts
about us.
1. We like to work for it and what we want is a challenge...
Online dating sites present a virtual medium. Without having to interact face to face, it
is far easier for them to express what may be going inside their mind. These online
dating sites offer a wide variety of matches spread across the stratum...But you must
think a little before choosing the perfect online dating site. Let's check out a few tips for
getting the best out of a dating site.
A team of social behaviour researchers claim that 25% of men and women now get
together on the internet based upon social behaviors identified during the last five years.
The investigator heading up the analysis states "getting to know single people on the
net has developed into the norm"
Despite the fact that our "Articles Directory" has a lot
of information on Russian single
women, we realize that
something may be missing or
have not fully implemented. Tell
us what you would like to know
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