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Russian women, of course, are very emotional and can be thin-skinned. But do not be reluctant to
ask questions of her. Queries such as: What kind of man would you like to picture next to you?
How do you suppose your everyday life after the marriage? What is more central for you: the family
or having a vocation?
Ask her how she passed last week, and assure her what you have been doing during this time.
Drop A Line about anything that you have determined intriguing. Ask their advice about a certain
matter or a delicate state of affairs in your life. Share your projects for the future with her.
How long should the correspondence phase last? And after this, what is the next step? At this
point you need to sustain a sense of balance. On the one hand, a prolonged period of
correspondence presents you the chance to know each other better. On the other hand, Russian
women do not like men who cannot produce a decision.
They want a firm and decisive man. Therefore, prolonged correspondence will be a great irritation to
the average Russian woman. In General, you will have about 6 months to decide that you want to
come and meet her. This is a critical point. Then you have to determine where your first meeting
will be held - in her country, in your country or any other country.
If you live in one of the Western nations, it will be exceedingly problematic to arrange for her to
come to you. Your best choices are to either visit her in Russia or the Former Soviet Union, or to
arrange a meeting in a third country.
In my opinion it is far easier for you to come to her country. This way you will understand how she
lives, meet her family, and see how she acts and comports herself in normal, average life.
Due to the cruel reality of Russian life (war and a totalitarian regime), the amount of women in this
country has always been far more than men. Since then, the demographic situation has not
changed. This is one of the reasons why even the most beautiful Russian women will oftentimes
fall in love with even an unremarkable looking man.
Russian women often believe their hearts, not well-grounded thought. One can be high, beautiful
and wealthy and still neglect to attract the attention of a Russian woman, or you may receive her
attention without actually doing anything at all! My point is that if there is somebody who attracts
you (maybe you have seen her online), do not be reluctant to contact her.
Typically, a Russian woman does not expect to profit financially from relationships. Her love is
sincerely altruistic, and she oftentimes sacrifices her career and her interests for the needs and
interests of her family.
Devotion controls to a large extent the conduct of Russian bride in love. For most Russian women,
in the words of the church wedding rite "I vow to stay with my husband in heartache and joy, until
death parts us", there is actual meaning.
A Russian wife has her values organized as follows: children - husband - relatives - her home - her
work. As you can see, the husband represents a paramount purpose in her life. Invariably he is a
regular sexual partner.
For a Russian women now, specially during the ages of 25-30, may run into some problems
encountering a man to establish permanent sex with. So, the husband everything to her. This is
also substantiated by the fact that after the wedding, a young wife typically will tighten her circle of
friends significantly. She does not require them any longer, for her husband becomes her best
Her husband traditionally is the head of the household for the Russian woman. She will not go out,
and not to do major shopping, not make any significant decisions without referring him.
For Russian women, children are the final value. If you already have your own children (from your
preceding marriages) Russian girls, of course, will love them, too. If she loves you, then she will
love all of your children as if it they were her own country, because the man and his dear progeny
are indivisible.
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Too many girls do not take into account the difference between psychological habits
of Russian and Western men. Russian girl does not give adequate priority to this fact
and operates with the principle of "my prince will find me all the same". She does not
try to appear on Web-public in all her glory although in common life before to go out
she will look in the mirror not less then hundred times. 
According to the well-known proverb, a Russian woman can stop a galloping horse,
and enter the burning hut.  Whether someone tested the truth of this adage - is not
known, but just one clear: Russian ladies combine so many wonderful qualities that
the glory of this has dispersed worldwide.
You can not believe rumors, but statistics is an exact science: for a variety of data,
about 40% of Russian women consider bald men attractive. It is almost half the
women! It is meant not only and not so much hairless shaved head, but for the most
part natural bald patch. Why it is so attractive to women?
It is true that Russian brides are getting popularity among males all over the world.
The reason is simple. In most cases, Russian brides have proven to be trustworthy,
sincere, honest and loyal to their partners and hence have been successful in
maintaining a relationship without facing much impediment in their way. Also not to
mention the fact that Russian girls are a paramount of beauty.
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