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Girl's lips will tell of her character
Plump, wide lips.
Plump, wide lips.
Venturesome. If she liked something, she wants to get this "something" at once, and it does not
matter what was going on - a new purse or a man. Uninhibited and energetic, she is not shy to take
initiative in her hands and she makes an appointment or gives a call first. This girl does not expect
favors from nature, but prefers to take what she needs. Her life is always something interesting, and
having heard from girlfriends word "boring", she truly does not understand what was going on. "Either
now or never" - that is her motto.
Freedom and independence are extremely important for her, she respects the personal space and
waiting for the same from a loved one. The man with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life,
should certainly be a delightful lover
and be able to take the fateful (and not only) solutions.
Sissy and mumbled are not in her taste.
Plump, but not big lips.
Plump, but not big lips.
Romantic. This person has at the first place the emotions, rather than sober cold calculation,
because it often seems to her that in childhood she was put to teeter, and forgotten to remove from
teeterboard. Her life consists solely of the ups and downs. She somewhat resembles both Chip and
Dale in a hurry to help. This girl has always on the alert the empathy and pack of napkins. The best
shoulder you can cry on. You can not come up the better. Not surprisingly, she is sympathetic for
many people. But a coin has another side - a romantic person chooses not to delve into serious
issues, but simply close her eyes deceiving herself.
Her ideas about what should be the perfect man is a bizarre mix of the illustrations in glossy
magazines and romance novels. Men often think of these girls as shy, gray mice, who will hang on
every word of them and unconditionally re
cognize their superiority. And thus make a big
mistake, this impression is deceptive.
The upper lip is bigger than the lower one.
The upper lip is bigger than the lower one.
Adoring to command. Whole-hearted person who takes up the case thoroughly - with a sense of
really, slowly, and for sure to bring it to its logical conclusion. This does not spoil her karma,
because the girl usually knows exactly what she wants. She starts acting only when she is 200%
sure that she's right. Her credo - "Either all or nothing." People who can hesitate halfway annoys her.
Tandem of vanity and self-esteem helps her to achieve the desired. This young lady has a complete
set of leadership, including charisma. She habitually sets the tone throughout and is amazed when
her desire to be better adds the tension to the relationship. Man of her dreams must be as ambitious
as she is, and always "push" her to conquer new heights. The only thing that can save this union
from the disintegration is teaching both sides the art of compromise.
The lower lip is bigger than the upper.
The lower lip is bigger than the upper.
Mysterious Stranger. She's always in the spotlight, because stands out from the crowd. She often
followed wistfully with men's eyes. Women tend to shoot spiteful, jealous glances at her, as a rule.
This girl will prefer to put on a bag from the potato, rather than wear a "publicized", a fashionable
thing that every first woman has. Her need to feel her individuality is incredibly high. This is reflected
in the style of dress and manners.
She exactly knows that she needs a very special man, even if the quest of him will take a time.
Mysterious Stranger had no shortage of admirers, but she is more interested in those who did not
succumb to her charms at a first glance.
Thin lips, wide mouth.
Thin lips, wide mouth.
Realist. She always stands firmly on her own feet - the castles in the sky are alien to her. Realist
loves everything is planned in advance - it is not only buying the Christmas gifts in the autumn, and
begining to pack a suitcase for a month before the trip, but also she receives the genuine enjoyment
from the process. She is practical to the core and is not in a hurry to put on the rose-colored
glasses, even when fell in love. Something extraordinary must happen that this girl has jumped into
the pool without first feeling of the water temperature and estimating the depth and bottom
Realist, may serve to illustrate the definition of "the thing in itself." She prefers not to show her
emotions in public, that is why she often makes the impression of a cold, closed and arrogant
person. In fact, this is a wrong impression - for her it is just harder, to open the soul. This girl prefers
stability and enjoys the fact that all in her life is predictable. Man of her dream may do very well
without the romantic surprises and madness, it is not required any frills or creativity in any sphere of
life, just one quality - reliability.
Narrow, small lips
Narrow, small lips
Adventuress. Devil-may-care attitude and her natural reserve of optimism is just enough for 3-4
regular people. She can not sit in one place - she will spend her vacation to care for elephants or to
conquer the Mount Kilimanjaro. Less than global - the standard projects are out of her interests. She
loves adventure and adrenaline, which splash the gray days with bright colors. Adventuress believes
in herself, she often takes the risky business, from which the others prefer to give up so that not to
spoil the reputation.
She is a real fighter and she is so strong-willed woman, that often deters the men. Not everyone
could be a worthy companion of this prototype of Lara Croft - her lover must have the same set of
qualities that she has. Not a henpecked or deadhead can stay with her too long.
Free singles dating sites have flooded the Internet as of late. Some of them are great,
most are average, and a few are bad -- really bad. So how should you determine
which ones you will sign up for and try to meet females with, and which are the best
ones to leave alone?
A favorite way of sitting or standing can tell not only about how a woman relates to
the sport or dance, but also tell something interesting about her character.
Long-distance relationships are the reality for thousands of men who chose Russian
women as their partners. Despite the fact that a long distance relationship seems to
be hard to maintain, it is do-able. Hope you will agree that the most important aspect
in a long distance relationship is communication.
Body language is universal and we tend to do a lot of common gestures daily no
matter who we are. Whether they are passed down from generation to generation or
they are just instinctual there's no denying that body language is a huge substitute for
speaking in many different situations, and much of the time they are more powerful
than words could ever be.
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