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  How To Become A Women's Favorite?
How to learn to make impression on women?
The main point - to
understand that the short height, appearance far from the perfect,  and financial
instability will have no meaning if you develop the qualities that women value most - irresistible bright
personality. Such a cool
personal chip sits inside each of us - needs only to dig it out of piles of
complexes and prejudices, dust off, and it will shine like a new copper basin.
For the first we would recollect that a personal
charm - that'll come with time. Do not be afraid
of mistakes, he does not mistake who does
nothing. Continue to try new options, enrich by
experience and tell people about it in the
entertaining form. Give them to understand that
you live full interesting
life, enjoying every
second. Your confidence - half a key to
success. Another more half a key - your ability
to really learn to live with passion, taking from
life all that it can offer you. 
Now, set about to intellectual games. So,
what do you need?
How To Become A Women's Favorite?
Interesting work. Women have always wondered how do you earn your piece of oysters with lemon
juice. This is because she wants not only to share your oysters, but to brag by you before girlfriends.
There are some professions that produce a win-win impression: military (better be a paratrooper or
man-of-war's man), athlete (power sports and Oriental Arts), filmmaker (operators are terribly interesting
guys, although the actors also are not bad chaps), variety or near-variety figure (this includes even the
drivers and bodyguards of stars, most importantly, that he would be able to get a ticket to a concert).
The good profession - a foreigner. If you are not a representative of one of these specialties, aura of
romance should be attached to the post that you have.
For example, you are accountant. Order a business card, which listed profession "finance manager" or
"consultant of commercial department". The wording is a hint on the complexity of intellectual work and
liaison with big money. Girls are crying! Credit Card. Produces a very good impression, even if you does
not enjoy it, but simply demonstrate, dropping inadvertently out from the wallet. However, before women
it is better to pay by cash, possibly with very large or green bank notes, leaving a generous tip in hotels,
cafes and taxis. Small change and torn banknotes can not be shown to women.
Just slightly fly-blown reputation. But do not mind to blow your reputation as theft or murder. Better,
if a woman will think that you can kill, but only for the sake of her. As if something elusive evil and
demonic is in you: in the past - scandalous love affair, and at present - an echo of suffering from
long-standing gap with fervently beloved woman, which you carry over like a true man, gritted teeth and
store in an easily accessible place the broken picture of traitress. Women adore to spare and save the
demonic men. There must be at least one gossip about concerning your affairs in your team. In extreme
case, this legend you can create. For some trusting women's souls it is enough to listen to stories
about a hooligan childhood, held in the streets of your gently beloved city. In half-to-calm hooligans an
abyss of charm lies.
Delicate taste and inclinations of gourmet. Learn to carry out a tasting of French wines or to
understand the Japanese cuisine. In general, cope with something culinary-aesthetic, exotic or if
nothing else tasty and healthy. Study, in short, to cook, to know about the latest literary news and
flowers. By the way, flowers have to be necessarily gifted to lady! Even if you picked them from the next
Unusual hobbies. Start to go in for a smart hobby. About collecting of stamps, beer cans and match
boxes I should advise to forget as soon as possible. Here is a collection of old cars is a worthy cause!
Ah yes, you have a problem with money... You can start to collect the snakes preserved in alcohol, but
most women are somewhat far from this. Johnny Depp, for example, among other things, collects
pictures of maniac and serial killers. Excellent hobby - collecting the talismans, amulets, magic items
and books. Women usually go crazy with the mystical and magical (even if they do not particularly
believe in it) and you will find a kindred spirit. At leisure you also can master the basics oriental martial
art. I recommend that you do not purchase the black belt, one day you will have at least once to
demonstrate your skills.
Strokes to interior. Flat, if you have one, should also contain something intriguing in it. Before the first
date remove from under the bed all pornographic magazines and CDs and fling visibly a surf board, ski
boots or bridle on the horse (but not all at once, or else get an elementary mess). Here are some
universal things intriguing the ladies: a club card carelessly left on the table; package of banknotes
nicely complemented with the keys of car; photo of a big star with the friendly autograph; night-vision
devices and scope sights.
Owned opinion. Especially on objects, people and events, which all are speaking about, but nobody
does understand what it is. While you need to have in stock a couple of questions in which you are the
expert. It is also important skill - to shut up in time. Well, have I explained everything understandably?
Proceed, my dear men, now all is in your hands. Mind you don't be serious, it is not beyond a joke.
You are young, free, and a lady appeared on the horizon, when looking at whom a
obstinate snake of the loneliness runs up to the neck. Lady is good, arrogant,
impregnable, and pays no heed to you. I want badly to see the lady undressed. Well,
at least in the home dressing gown to let the sawdust out. A she-goat, on which you
can get on the right side to her, as ill luck would have it, does not arise.
Compliments - are those things that help finding contact with people and to establish
good relations with them, therefore, they are important. The more they are pleasant! To
Russian girls a compliment, because of the historical realities, sometimes means
more than a gift! Of course, this must be a compliment, skillfully made, to the point,
and most importantly - sincerely.
You may be one of millions of people who are afraid of failing. Yet overcoming fear of
failure is not difficult. Adopt these simple steps and turn failure into success. You'll
soon become much more powerful than you think you are.
Since the dawn of mankind, the irresistible force that leads men toward women has
been undeniable in our composition. Some men find it easier than others to walk up to
women and start conversation, break the ice and move on to the next step. Still others
find it difficult, awkward and simply need help in learning how to approach women.
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