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How To Deal With Anger In Relationships
Anger is a perfectly normal emotion that everyone feels at one time or the other. If
dealt carefully it can be a catalyst for change and if handled poorly, it can cause health
and relationship problems. Examining your anger and using other anger management
techniques can positively impact your health, relationships and overall happiness.
Anger management
In a close relationship, opportunities to get angry arise many times a day, so to prevent
the build-up of bad feelings we need to deal with anger as soon as it begins to arise in
our mind. We need to clear our minds as soon as it appears, because if we allow it to
accumulate, then it will endanger our relationship. The first part of anger management is
to identify that you get angry very soon and work on it.
Talk about anger to a friend and it can help you to understand your shortcoming or
problem in a better manner. If you're dealing with anger by talking to friends about it,
it's best to talk about a situation only once, exploring solutions as well as your feelings.
Your friend can provide valuable suggestions to you and you might find them very useful
to use and apply.
Try and understand the other person's point of view. Your partner may have a different
thinking about the situation and you might have a different opinion. Don't impose your
ideas and suggestions on your partner. Don't try to yell and shout if the other person is
contradicting your point of view. It may be for your betterment.
When you have resolved the conflict, be prepared to forgive and make up with your
partner. Let them know that you are ready to put it behind you and move on. Often this
can lead to a deepening of understanding and intimacy in a relationship.
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