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  How To Determine The Age Of Girl.
Women have a feature distinctively differ them
from men - it's always difficult to say for sure
how old they are. And sometimes it's much
curious to know the true age of women.
Problems with the definition of the age are more
often against the girls of the age group from 16
to 30. Therefore, we shell look at each key point
of that age interval, how it is characterized,
what is inherent or contrary is not peculiar.
Make-up. According to how and what the girl
drifts onto a face you can draw an overall
picture of her age. By this ground is easier to
determine the girl under 18. It is up to that age,
she preferred bright, sometimes in a bizarre
manner make-up. By 20 years old she uses
cosmetics,  only in order to give the
expressiveness to her face.
Illusion. You can see either young lady or an old woman in the picture
By 30 years old  a woman  starts again to use make-up actively, but not like at age of 16 - to
draw attention, but in order to disguise the wrinkles have already emerged.
Appearance. This rate, as well as make-up, will seriously help us to move closer to the
definition of an age of girls. Again, the brighter and more extravagant the girl dressed 
the more unusual is her hair color, the younger she is. Although, of course, there are
exceptions there. By 20 years a girl attempts to show by all means her maturation, hence
the strict models in her clothes are. 30-year-old woman without fail will add to her
appearance a pep in order to express the individuality.
Where she could be found. 16 y.o. - noisy discobars, 20 y.o. - ultra modern Clubs, 30 y.o. -
quiet and comfortable establishments. Everywhere and always there are exceptions, but it is
difficult to imagine oneself 30 y.o. woman on the youth dancing.
Manner of conduct. In the movements and actions of the women which has already been
held,  you will hardly find a hesitation, indecision or insane activity. She demonstrates by all
her appearance  already existing type of continuity. The more unexpected non-logic deeds -
the younger girl is. In age of 20, she is a mixture of adult women and very young girl. That
is, in the actions there are both the strictness, which she has already imparted, and a bit  of
insanity, she could afford.
These are only basic indicators. They, of course, are averaged, so to treat them as absolute
truth will be incorrect. The fifth paragraph "communication" could be, as it seriously
clarifies the situation with . But if the conversation stroked up, why not ask simply "How
old are you?"
Who should be older - male or female? ...the fans of juveniles are found not only
among the wealthy, this phenomenon does not depends on the social ladder, or
marital status. Clearly, according to the behaviorist (they draw analogies in the
behavior of animals and people) the men want youth and beauty. They say that the
male is claimed by someone, while he is able, the female - while she is attractive. But
today, many women of 30 and 40 look better than some in 20.
A lot of men are afraid that the girls will just make use of them and, roughly speaking,
female consumerism frightens them more than AIDS. Let's avoid exaggerations and try
to approach this complicated issue, which is so painful for men, soberly. Whatever
you may say, the majority of men who use internet dating services are not young
A favorite way of sitting or standing can tell not only about how a woman relates to the
sport or dance, but also tell something interesting about her character.
The people who say "truth and nothing but the truth" does not exist, we all are lying
about 200 times a day. Is it possible to identify a liar without degrading validation of
the data and the lie detector? Body Language
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