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 How To Make Attractive  Profile On The Dating Site.
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Sounds ironically but the majority of profiles submitted
dating sites clearly do not meet important task
conferred on them - to represent their owner and creator
in all their beauty. This state of affairs had prompted me
to write this article.
Well. Let us first to define some - why should we even
decided to place this profile on the dating site.

Option first - just to have fun. Usually such
entertainment is considered a maintaining a long term
correspondence with people from the name of
nonexistent person. Why?
I do not know the answer to that question. Sometimes
trying just to play someone, sometimes simply because
Who is who on dating site
of nothing to do, sometimes trying to present oneself as "the ideal ego". Overall - this is not
our option. Rather to psychologists. But we will consider the following options for details.
Often on the dating sites to gain the access to the database, people must register. Under the
registration meant filling out the questionnaires and placing it on the public domain. So even if
a person wants to read others' profiles - he needs to fill his own on all the rules and norms. It
is easy to guess, in the process man does not want to strain severely - in fact it is just an
empty formality for him, so that it's OK a various small stuff or just leave the profile untouched
and he can go in search of other people.
Just say - this approach has the right to exist, but fundamentally mistaken. First, the number
of "empty" profiles creates a "white noise", site is lay-up, and after a while, nice girl or boy
who wants to find his destiny, is tired to look through them and simply to took from the site.

Secondly, the success of your mission to find the "only and unique one" depends not only on
your efforts but also on the efforts of other people. Think yourself - a person coming to look at
your questionnaire, can be looking for you exactly, coincide with all your requirements, be
precisely what so brings you. But alas - the profile is empty, he did not know about you,
shrugs shoulders and goes farther. Open yourself to search, and your chances to find your
destiny will immediately increase by several times.
After all, even if you sleep quietly, working or walking in the street - you are looking for, your
profile can be viewed and somebody is already writing that very long-awaited letter addressed
solely to you.

And finally, option: the people who make all efforts to find a life partner. They have already
created a profile, daily look through the fresh registrations to the site, talk with people they
liked. In general, they do everything that is considered necessary. But again, a strange human
psyche - very, very rarely the questionnaire is seen, which would have stopped your eyes, and
rejoice the heart. Many sites already offer large number of templates to fill. All that needs to be
done by human -is simply select what suits him from the list and that's all - the questionnaire,
believed filled. Filled, but purely nominal. Of course, compared with the second option it is
already much better - anyone who came to the personal page, can always say - whether he
likes the drawn portrait or not. But these patterns - disservice to users.
What is bad in ready templates.
However, I think you have already
guessed why. It is template.
Of course, to construct from ready
cubes is more easier, but we will not
receive the particular originality in this
way. The same with the profile.
Thousands of questionnaires similar
to yours by its structure. Tens or even
hundreds of questionnaires - similar
by data (did you think you were the
only person with the height of 170,
dark hair and weighing 68 kg?). And
how to draw an interest of a person
here? The correct answer - to
distinguish from the general crowd
distinguish from the general crowd
Show your individuality. Yes, you will have to overcome your fear. I understand that to be like
everybody and nothing allocated - is nice, cozy and there is no any liability. But sitting in this
nice and cozy environment it is hard to expect that you will be noticed and appreciated. This
means that the chances to fulfill your dream to arrange own personal life - are not too high.
Again, remember about two-way-search - while you're looking for - somebody is looking for
you.Therefore, let us show this world your uniqueness.
And we'll begin... It is strange, but we will have to start all the same with physique - height,
weight, hair color and other characteristics. I hope, here it is understandable that it is worth to
specify the real characteristics, well, or at least close to reality. When it comes to the first
meeting, you do not want to see on the face of your interlocutor surprised or, even worse,
frustration. So, just reality, no matter how bitter it was.
However, to sweeten it may be the fact that among those billions of people who inhabit our
planet, will surely are the pair of tens of thousands those who like your type, no matter how
unusual it may be. Purely on the basis of mathematical calculations. Pointed our physical
measurements, continue filling. On each site - there are their own gadgets and requirements for
completing the questionnaires. Therefore, for example, will address some "common" things.
Let's start with at least a question: "What will do in your spare time", with a choice of answers.
Try not to use these options, even if your "option" is there. Be original - tell about this in your
own words. Do you like to walk the streets in your spare time? Do not select the option "To
walk the streets", write something like "Go along the streets, watching the city life" or "go for a
walk and think".
First, the phrase will be caught by the sight, which has long been tired of endless "walk the
streets" in hundreds of profiles. Secondly, the construction of the phrase can tell much about
you to smart people, and you do not need stupid, am I right?
And finally, thirdly, if we build such a sentence, for the person interested in you it would be
easier to start a conversation. We also will talk about it a bit more. The purpose of your profile
is to try to motivate people.
And for this, let us use all means: in the story about yourself try to raise a question,
controversial assertion, or just funny catch. Assume the same phrase: "Go through the streets,
watching the city" - not only tells the reader what you are for personality, but also may cause
her a question - what's that you can see in the streets of your city. And on this issue already,
you can easily develop a long dialogue about the fate of humanity and imperfections of the
universe. Or if you are not satisfied with this, the more landing things - why do I like an ice
cream and do not like Saddam Hussein, as you would want.
Do you see the magnitude of opportunity? If to arrange such questions and accents in the right
places in your profile, you can easily set the tone for your entire future conversation and now to
program all the mood with which people will write you first "Hello". Light sadness? Unbridled
merriment? The desire to argue or attempt to help? All this is set in your profile right now.

Let's take the graph "Your passions". It would seem, just a fountain of opportunities to stand
out among the similar to yourself.
Pattern for profile
But why did majority of the representatives of
humanity put in the profile something trite like
"listen to music, go to movies, reading books"?
Billions of people with ears, like to listen to
music, billions of sighted people love to go to
movies, to read the books and now even the blind
can do it. But to create the houses of matches, or
pasting pictures of pieces of fabric - perhaps it
take you only.
Are you collecting the old movies with Charlie
Chaplin? Taking the photographs of the brick
walls? Like to count the passed by cars or take 
to invent the dishes from sausage wastes? Do write. Who knows, even if you will not find that
Single, then you will surely talk to like-minded and learn which part of a sausage is best used
in porridge, but what is to spare for soup.
Another interesting option -
"Who I am looking for". And again, in how many questionnaires
there is the trite "I'm looking for guy" or "I'm looking for girl". Are people finding suitable to seek
somebody in the way of such indifference? After all, even when buying shoes they know
beforehand what they are looking for. What style, what color, whose production. No one will
say- "I am looking for shoes", but such answers are in order of things in profiles. Strangely, you
do not find?
Even if you don't care about who is your munion of fortune, even if you think that people are fully
open only in personal communication, then write a testimonial in such a way that everyone who
wants would be able to try it on himself. "I am looking for someone who could be beside, when
needed, will not turn away and will not say "not now"". Simple? But each of us in our own
measure of a self-delusion will suit perfectly to this definition. I just ask you, do not copy the
hackneyed phrases already are drawing of mouth "I am looking for you" and "Seeking smart
and cool girl" or "beautiful girl".
Once again I ask you -
please be eye-catching.
All that you have now done - is fixed the patterns, proposed by site administration to something
personal. Wonderful. Now move on to the more complex things. On many sites there are now
an opportunities to tell about yourself in your own words. Do not miss this opportunity. Of
course, this is difficult. But doable. Just imagine that you are telling a man who is listening to
you carefully, to whom you want to please by all means. Do not go?
We'll change the aim. Now you are on Doomsday and your fate is decided, depending on what
you tell about yourself. Well, suppose you've lost your documents, but there is a likelihood that
they could be found. Overall, I think you catch the idea. Tell the truth, a bit gloss can be, but
worth not become tangled in lies.
Also another option is, the
story about yourself - to answer some questions in your own
words. How to operate here, I think you have already caught. But please - remember another
rake not to step on. If to write briefly - a little joke is better, but different than all known (your
own). When every third profile in box "how do you relate to domestic animals" has the answer
"Have no relatives" - this is not even sad, it is much of collective unconscious.
Therefore, go with caution on popular jokes. Sometimes, of course, when they are not out of
place, and if you firmly believe that this is the case, then go ahead. But if you have any doubts,
it is better not to risk.
The main thing is that you were able to
overcome your fear of your own personality, to
stand out from the crowd, to find the strength to be an original personality. However, to finish
with this only, I would be somewhat premature. There are still a few points which you should
know about.
The first point - is, the photo, of course. This is
precisely what
attracts attention to your
questionnaire. It is most people judge by it -
whether it worth to look inwards or not. well. Of
course, you may not to put it, but there are not
so little people who have chosen such a decision,
and usually they do not represent anything
interesting, so the habitu of such sites simply
miss all those profiles where there are no
photographs. Many websites even have a special
feature - "to show the profiles with photographs
only". So you have to look for a suitable picture.
Again, preferably from the recent past. The ideal
option would be to make a special photo. You
can have a
professional photographer.
Try to choose a style of photograph met the style
of your profile. Agree, a lady in the bikini and a
remark in the profile that she is looking for a man
"just for friendship", is causing some dissonance
in thoughts. If you know how to use Photoshop,
try to quietly fix the disadvantages of photo. Do
not know how? Then even not try - a couple of
poor strokes, of course, can correct your photo,
but a meticulous visitor will think: "So, therefore, 
Kinds of photos on dating sites
know how to imagemaker, interesting, what is also corrected in this photo?"
It is not worth to adorn much the reality, I certainly understand - we all want to be ideal. But this
picture may cause a distrust - whether it is real? Had I ever seen her (he) somewhere in the
open spaces of the Internet? And all the same in every human soul is a fear - "Shoot, what a
beautiful she is, perhaps will not even want to speak with me". So please be simpler. Of course,
to choose the candid amateur photograph with red eyes, where it is unclear whether the shadow
of a tree or someone caught you a paint - is not worth it. Pick a reasonable balance.
And the last question - regards the nickname on the site. Yes, you guessed.
Please enlighten.
You can be like everybody and write your name and surname. Normal option. You can try to
stand out and write something like "Kitten" or "Flower" - this option will come if you are exactly
sure that no one has this. But I think the best option is in the style of your profile. Let it be one
name only, but if you will play well on this in the questionnaire, telling interesting about your
name, it would be much stronger than any "Pussy-cat", "Pretty" and "Super-Macho".
In general, that is all. Of course, not all is stated on this enormous subject. But the main thing, I
think you now know. And I hope this will help you.
A bit of grumbling about theme, which should be better missed.
However, as it is shown by the general practice, the best way to stand
out on the site - is not to full out with all of the above, but simply to put
a winning picture (for girls - preferably naked, for men - with a beautiful
inflated trunk). The second step - to write about your imaginary
earnings. Write that you're looking for whom would you ride your own
car with, and at least ten messages a day you'll keep receiving. Be
more accessible - and your box will be overcrowded. The people are
now strange and even are ready for a photo from a porn site, naively
believing that there is the owner of profile. Do you need such attention
- it's up to you. But believe me, to find the person of your dream on the
site - it is feasible. While it is very difficult (if doing nothing).
And I believe that you will succeed.
I believe that you will succeed.
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Over 40 million singles are now using, or have used, an Online Dating service
according to a recent survey. That's a mighty huge business we're talking about here,
and that has started a whole new era of dating with its own rules
.
You have liked a girl. You have decided to write her a letter and make it so that she
drew attention to you (for sure the other guys already have wrote to her). To what do
people (both men and women) pay attention, and what do they ignore? They used to
ignore what they have seen hundreds of times. They pay attention to what is standing
out against a background!
Theorem. To catch a good fish, you must offer a very good bait.
Numerous dating sites are colorful with ads. Smart ones post their profiles on several
sites simultaneously. The persistent ones, not spare money, raise their profiles on
the top row every 2-3 days. Beautiful ones hope for professional photographs. Ladies
expose the most attractive parts of the body, talently take tempting poses of the
To say that choosing a username for online dating services is hard is truly an
understatement. Coming up with a username is a very important part in making
yourself known in the world of online dating. You need to give special consideration in
choosing your username in the same way as you choose which pictures to use as
your dating photos.
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